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With the Qantas Emirates Partnership set to expire in barely over 12 months, and in light of the length of time it took to obtain full ACCC approval first time round, assuming the two airlines are keen to extend the partnership - there is no indication otherwise (Qantas profitability is up, Qantas passengers now have one-stop access to a vast network of destinations, Emirates has near-unfettered access to QF FFs etc) - will the airlines need to sit down soon and discuss the terms of the ongoing partnership? Is it merely more of the same, or are any changes necessary? If so, what needs to change or be tweaked? Perhaps the ability to upgrade on the other's aircraft would enhance the partnership? Esepcially for pax/FFs in places like Perth, Adelaide and to a lesser extent Brisbane...


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Why do you feel Emirates has unfettered access to Qantas FF's? 

Other than the usual marketing junk that Qantas puts out around the JV I've never had Emirates contact me directly to tout for business as a Qantas customer...


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One could ruminate that it may have began on Tim Cook's Clark's last major visit to Australia?

  • IMHO, whilst QF needed the EK 'solution' for middle Europe, it is still a decidedly one-sided arrangement.
  • There has been no expansion of QF services to either the UK or rest of Europe, on it's own metal.
  • Not once in any QF Annual Report has the real 'value' of the partnership been broken down in $.
  • There are still differences on service level product between the two carriers et al.

Perhaps, it may become more obvious why QF is going gangbusters on the proposed PER-LHR-PER non-stop.

  • In the event of 're-negotiation, it gives QF some interesting leverage.
  • In the event of a breakup, it allows QF to bypass DXB altogether.
  • In the event of everything remaining the same, it gives QF an expanded European option.

Obviously, if the partnership was to be dissolved or Govt refuses to re-anoint, QF cannot really return to it's pre-EK format. A partner within Europe (there are none really) or in the ME (hmm, QR - a fellow oneworld member and a IAG shareholder to boot) could be a possibility? I would think though, that QF might want to re-negotiate - and a little more aggressively - so that both parties actually benefit.

Either way, things could get interesting.

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Hi @Kimshep, did you mean to say Tim Clark of Emirates? Or is it someone else?


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QF fly direct to UK who needs em!!!

In all seriousness I hope it continues and if we could  upgrade on EK that would be awesome.

EK gives you extra  reward travel redemption offers. I can't seem to be able to redeem on QF J anyways.
I can always find a CX or EK option and very thankful for that.


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Hi @Kimshep, did you mean to say Tim Clark of Emirates? Or is it someone else?

Many thanks, @mspcooper. Yes, you are correct! Please pardon my 'brain fade' - I had been working on an unrelated document about a 'fruit-named' company and absent-mindedly transposed the surname. Duh! Apologies for the error. Corrected above.


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I do not enjoy stopping in DXB and have avoided flying this partnership. A direct PER-LHR flight would be great and I think it would advantage Qantas.


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I think the partnership has been good for both companies. Is it a partnership that will please everyone, no. I like the convenience of flying in and out of different European cities. If Qantas didn't have the partnership I would be flying Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific instead. Do I like Dubai, no, but the airport is fine/good. The flight to LHR, via DXB is 30-45 minutes longer than via SIN or HKG but the multitude of connections offsets this to make a shorter journey.


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this partnership sucks anyway-despite the fact that Ek operates the flight out of ADL it got a QF number hence you won't get any EK points for it-also EK doesn't allow point transfers through family members and very frugal to start with

John Brennan

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All my travel in the last few years has been Asia mostly, ever since the alliance Qantas have taken their eye of Asia as demonstrated by sub standard planes. The A330 business class is too small and the 747s are a lottery as the fleet refurb has stalled. Perhaps they should rollout the dreamliners to Asia instead of 18 Perth to London. For Sydney/Bris/Mel - why would we want a 4+ hr flight to Perth and the 18hrs, that's worse than the current option and the first leg on A330s. My next trip is on points with Cathay via HK, much better and least flying time. Couldn't get the seats on Qantas despite a special request due to platinum, told yes available, please top up your points by 5000 (paid $260) and then 2 hours on the phone and sorry. 

Trying to get FF on QF1/QF2 via Dubai is very hard and never get the option for Emirates. 
Agreed using points for upgrades on Emirates would be good and the direct access to most European cities is great after Qantas dumped Rome and Frankfurt.



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At the very least QF need a codeshare partner through Asia for the many who don't want to fly through the middle east - and what happens when theUK extends its bans to Dubai? Joyce boasted that his partnership with China Eastern was bigger than that with Emirates, but so far nothing has happened - they don't even need it for Beijing now.


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I personally believe there is no significant benefit out of this partnership, I would have preferred to have Qantas fly directly to major destinations in Europe via Asia, like in and out of Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong for example. As a Platinum frequent flyer the only advantage is that you get access to the EK first class lounge but that's where it all ends. If you are travelling economy, you get treated likr dirt (for want of a  better word) they do not make any of the standard extra benefits available to QF members. As a frequent flyer I have not seen any benefits to this partnership. 


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I hope the partnership continues as it is really the only way to get J between Australia and Europe at the base level for points as QF and EK are the same number of redemption points where CX and others are usually a bit more. I have an upcoming trip on points in J and all flights except OOL-SYD and back are on EK, SYD-BKK-DXB-BCN and back, it is so hard to get J on QF metal plus given J on the QF A380 I would rather go EK anyway.


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I don't like having to pass through Dubai airport. Putting that aside, now the US has added Dubai as one of its 'unsafe' airports therefore banning the carrying of laptops etc in the cabin, the UK may well follow suit. Dubai's not on their list - just yet. As I do the Sydney-Heathrow circuit numerous times per year, I couldn't afford all that dead cabin time. So I'd be pleased if Qantas passed once again through Singapore and renewd their old loyalties. It's a much pleasanter, gentler passneger experience too.


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I really hated Dubai airport - overcrowded terminals and business class lounge.  And the 'call to prayer' being piped through the terminal early morning is not my idea of pleasant airport experience - and no I'm not anti-Muslim - I would not like to be greeted in Rome with a Gregorian chant either - not that it would ever happen at  Rome airport. So I've given Dubai away entirely and fly with Cathay via Hong Kong for an entirely better airport and lounge experience.

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