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At the very least QF need a codeshare partner through Asia for the many who don't want to fly through the middle east - and what happens when theUK extends its bans to Dubai? Joyce boasted that his partnership with China Eastern was bigger than that with Emirates, but so far nothing has happened - they don't even need it for Beijing now.

QF used to codeshare with CX on flights between HKG and FCO (and with AF on flights from Asia to CDG) until the EK partnership.
It would be nice if QF codeshared via Asia again.
CX flies to 12 cities in Europe and JL an additional 1 (though that's already covered by codeshares on AY)



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IMHO, whilst QF needed the EK 'solution' for middle Europe, it is still a decidedly one-sided arrangement.
In the event of 're-negotiation, it gives QF some interesting leverage.

I agree that it more like one-side "agreement"
I do not think that QF has any "power" to negotiate.
I do hope that they break up this master-slave relationship.

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