SYD - LAX First or Business?

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My last question was answered very helpfully so here goes again.

I am flying SYD - JFK in November. I will be purchasing a Business Class seat and using my Gold status + points for an upgraded to first class.

My question, is there any other options? I guess not.

I have never flown first class and I don't drink on flights, so is there any point in looking to upgraded to first class as all I hear about Qantas first class is mostly negative. 

I guess it's very likely I might not get up upgrade anyway?



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First class is ten times better in my opinion on QF - I like their J soft product but the seats have had it. I don't know where these negative rumours about F have come from - every business flyer I know favours it over EK F any day! 


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A while since I jagged an upgrade to F, but it was great!  Note that you can't go F all the way to JFK (!!) with QF.  Only as far as DFW or LAX.


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Although everyone says it is getting worse, it really isn't. It is still fabulous, and keep in mind that it is MUCH better than hopping over your neighbour or getting hopped over to get to the toilet. Always pick First over Business in most cases, and this is one of the definite situations.


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I've flown QF First from Sydney to LAX and Denver many times.  As a Platinum, I've never been offered a  "free" upgrade by Qantas.  SO you've got 0% chance of that happening.  It is worth the ff points to upgrade yourself.  It us a much nicer experience.  The lounge access in Sydney, and the inflight digustation menu are "first class" IMHO.  Even if you don't drink alcohol, the seat, customer service, space, bed, food, TV size, toilets etc make the swap of points worthwhile.  I drink! It's worth that also!!  I'd go for it.  One caveat.  Don't waste points on the return leg as the food is not so good and it's a night flight anyway and you'll just want to sleep. So, unless you have points to burn, J is OK coming back from the USA.


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All helpful responses, thank you!

To clarify I will purchase business class but use points for upgrade to first. 


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If you are traveling with somebody and you'd like to spend time with them and you haven't done a lot of premium cabin travel, I'd say you'll find business class more than good enough, and you can save your points.

If you're traveling solo, particularly if you value privacy and/or you're quite accustomed to premium cabin travel, I'd say go for the upgrade. In terms of the number of points needed, it's good value.

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Well, I used points to go F Mel-LAX a few years back and it was sensational value. The lounge in Melbourne is fabulous, on the plane you're at the front in your own little bubble, and it's great to be able to order a snack when a crew member asks you at 2 am if there's something they can get you. And no queues for the toilets!


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I f you had enough QF points I'd fly out of  HK or NRT via Cathy or Jal. Both better 1st Class options in my opinion. Both fly direct to New York. Lot easier to find award availability & taxes will be a lot less than flying with QF.

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Qantas First is getting a bit out dated and it shows on the seats,service is usually good.

But the old days of having a steak sandwich on demand is limited to 6 per flight so if you do not get in early you miss out.
The best thing about being in First is the great food and service you have in the lounges before you fly


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I'm sorry to have to disagree but there's nothing to write home about F with QF, give me Etihad or Qatar or Emirates or CX and Singapore Airlined and then you'll know what real F is like. QF is very substandard in every aspect except of course their First Class lounges... even the cleanliness on all their aircraft leaves much to be desired. Other than the mamdarory 4 flights on QF in order to retain Platinum I will fly any other airline within Oneworld any time before choosing QF and their tired, overpriced product and services. CX never disappoints!


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I'm QF Gold and the only upgrade I haven't   ever been granted was Syd -Lax
Reflecting on that I was glad I wasn't granted the upgrade from J  because I felt better value is to be had from Economy to J


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QFF sucks. I ditched QFF for Alaska Mileage Plan.

You can redeem Qantas first for just 70000, or Cathay first for 80000 Mileage Plan miles, all the way from Australia to US. 
Please Note: 
1. QF LAX-JFK and CX Australia-HKG sector has NO first class
2. You have to call Mileage Plan to book CX, and US$15 booking fee applies
3. QF first class rarely has availability on Mileage Plan, while CX now has far less first class award than they used to be



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Qantas 1st is all about the bed. Their 380 business seats urgently need replacing, but the 1st class beds are super comfortable. 

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