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What is the best way to get to Manhattan from JFK please?

Uber? Taxi? Hotel Shuttle? Train?


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Having recently done the above, I have discovered the Train is the smartest quickest way to mid town manhattan total of 12.75usd to Pen Station compared to $30 for a shuttle (granted its door to door)  heaps for a Taxi etc..  Air Train to Jamacia Station then long island railroad to Pen Station with only 3 stops.  Iwill be doing this again in 3 weeks time.  but I guess it depends on your final destination and how much luggage you have to take. your there in about 35 mins.  or there is another route that connects to the Subway  system with lots of stops.


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If you get a chance to fly Emirates Business Class or above, there's a free chauffeur drive available to book via MMB ;-)


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To/From JFK and any location in Manhattan:
  • Onscreen rate is ‘Rate #02 – JFK Airport.’
  • This is a flat fare of $52 plus tolls, the 50-cent MTA State Surcharge, the 30-cent Improvement Surcharge, and $4.50 rush hour surcharge (4 PM to 8 PM weekdays, excluding legal holidays).
  • Passenger is responsible for paying all tolls.
  • Please tip your driver for safety and good service.


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Was going the other direction (hotel to JFK), but we found having an organised driver the best option. I'm sure your hotel could advise who to contact to organise airport - hotel if they're unable to do it for you. We did have three people and a lot of luggage though, so didn't consider train.


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I'm flying AA from ORD with one piece. 


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Depends, where you're going and what your budget is.  My experience, Taxi from JFK terminal 4 (Delta) to near Times Square, Friday evening around 5pm (so peak hour), was about US$70 inc tip.  Simple and no fuss.


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I've done the Skytrain/Subway combination a few times with no problems.
I chose that because the subway goes right to my hotel (Sheraton).

The pain with the subway is many stations don't have escalators or lifts so be ready to carry your bag up alot of stairs. If you do choose the subway you'll find that there is often a door you can use to go through with your bag instead of having to use a turn style - you'll just have to get the ticket attendants attention and they'll buzz you through.


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Uber, given its one of the few things you won't have tip on or pay in cash, makes it very easy to just jump out


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If you arrive arrive around 5pm, and are wanting a taxi, prepare to line up (this was the main Delta terminal) - last time I was there it took 40 minutes to get to the front of the line, then another 1.5 hrs to get into the city. I thought about getting the train, but thought I'd take a relaxing ride in the taxi - never again! I'd either pre-book a private transfer or get the train. 


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Easiest and cheapest option is the JFK Airporter service. USD $18.00 one way / USD $34.00 return, with free drop-offs to hotels in Manhattan between 23rd and 63rd Streets. Schedule is every 30 mins from 6:00am to 23:30pm inclusive. See


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You can take a Chopper from JFK to the east river in about 6 minutes, but the cost is a bit higher than an uber, I believe it's around the $1500-$1900 Mark, though that's halved if you have a friend with you to split the cost.

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