Oneworld one-stop flight options, Melbourne-London

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Hi All, I’ll be taking the family to Europe at the end of ‘19 and have plans to fly PE to London’s from Melbourne with one stop. I’ll have about 700k of QF points by the time to booking engine opens for QF, so my mind goes straight to booking with them. However I thought I’d get views on other options that I should be considering. Has anyone done the same trip using QF points on another OW carrier? Going via Tokyo or Colombo carries some interest, but have new flown Sri Lankan and it has been two decades since I was on JAL. Open to all suggestions.


  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Jordanian
  • SriLankan Airlines


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Not all of the above offer PE. If you're set on that, CX, QF or JAL are probably your best options.


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PE on points is 75% of the points for J if flying QF, 80% on partners such as CX and JAL. Clearly PE is better than Y, but J is far better value for your points.

Your biggest problem will be getting 4 classic award seats on the same flight, unless you are a QFF P1.

If you are looking at return travel on points you need more like 768k on QF, 900k on partners.

As a suggestion, if the kids are old enough, use points to get there, kids in PE and mum and dad in J. On most carriers the cabins are adjacent. This gets around availability issues. To come back you can often buy one way PE on CX at reasonable prices. Not necessarily from LHR, but look at other EU options.

I have done this twice to the US but ended up with the kids in J. Once by upgrading the kids later in the year and once by travelling on 2 flights, only a few hours apart. Worked out at about $2k per person plus points.

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Thanks for the responses guys, sorry should have mentioned we have one kid only, so on QF at least I think we will have enough for PE but not enough for J (damn). With one kid who will be 11 at the time we definitely need to be in the same cabin too.

Thanks re the short list too, I’ll look at those.



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its 768,000 points for J return for 3 people. If I were you id just buy a top up of 60,000 if you have at least 708,000

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You have no chance getting 4 reward seats on that route, like Greg mentioned if you are P1 you may get lucky, anything lower chances are pretty much 0


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Why not use points to BKK or CMB I am sure you would get UL tickets. Then wait for QR sale Ex Colombo and buy J tickets. You can get 40/50% off quite often. I just came back CMB CDG FCO CMB 3700 Aud for two in J. Alternativelynd use Finnair ex BKK.


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You can also go the long way via LAX, SFO, DFW or YVR then BA to LHR for Premier Eco. Probably cost more points though


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just some general topic-related questions:

can one redeem QF points on non-QF OW flights? if so how - by only calling QF, or is there an online website which shows availabilities? I always thought it must include a QF leg (on QF metal).

When does the booking engine open up, 12 months in advance?

Can you purchase QF points? is it good value?


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I got four Y seats MEL - Europe return for 640,000 points, eight months out from flying. Mostly flying CX, but with a leg on AY - only QF leg is SYD - MEL on the return. It was difficult to work out a return route as it is the end of the school holidays and so seats were sparse (and I needed four), but it's meant we get a couple of days in Helsinki, which can't be a bad thing. Took about 60 minutes on the phone to sort it all out.

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