Best corporate gifts you've received?!

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I host many meetings, and I was hoping for some input for what YOU think are some of the best corporate gifts you've received that make your trips and time out of office worthwhile! There are only so many pens and compodiums that can be taken before it feels stale and impersonal. Help.. Ideas..


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I’ve always particularly appreciated gifts that are not for me, but that I can give to my children when I get home. It’s a sign of genuine thoughtfulness and care when my host has thought about age-appropriate gifts for my kids.


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Small umbrellas. Have them branded and they are affordable


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Best I have ever received, Gold plated golf divot repair and ball marker, to spend the time finding out I am a golf tragic was appreciated. Best I have heard of was 200 guests at a conference all measured for a new pair of RM Williams boots which they received later.


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Not a gift but does a trip to the 2008 US Masters golf count? If so, that.


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The best corporate gift that I've personally received was a golfers BBQ set - essentially BBQ tools shaped like golf clubs.

To be honest, I much prefer corporate gifts that are easily shared with the team. Things that I can take back to the office and share with those also involved in the engagement which mainly limits it to food and beverage items. The other thing you need to consider is many companies limit the value of a gift you can accept from a client or vendor. In the company I work for, it cannot exceed $200 USD without declaring it and seeking prior approval. This includes nights out / dinner etc.


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Seems basic, but a Moleskin notebook with my initials embossed on it.

Second was a jigsaw puzzle :)


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I got one of those handheld presenters once (with a laser pointer and slide advancer) which i have since carried with me and used wherever I go, whereas most gifts end up in the hotel bin. Also good was a travel adaptor for plugs, which also included two USB charging points, but was very small. Very useful. Anything travel related hits the spot for me, and whatever it is, it should be small...


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Thank you all! Its a struggle point, and I detest the idea of spending the money on something that no real reward is felt from. All helpful suggestions!


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My company's policy was to only allow us to accept gifts which could sit on our office desk. So when an Italian firm gave me a pen many years ago I felt it was OK to accept it. At the time I wasn't aware of the brand Mont Blanc, or its value, and when I became aware of it I was very pleased with this Meisterstueck!


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To be honest most corporate gifts Ive received have ended up in the bottom of the wardrobe regardless! The gift which gets the constant use is the key ring bottle opener which is probably the cheapest. Go figure.

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