• I've reluctantly accepted vouchers from AF/KL for J/F flights to/from Brazil. Disappointing that vouchers can't be used for flights booked through SkyTeam, as I would be interested in a Round The World flight through that alliance next year.

  • How was the crew's command of English Chris? Did the pilots address the pax during fight? I've found CZ pilots never talk to pax, even during a 2 hour on ground delay for thunderstorms at PEK.

  • I love Japan's Shinkansen, and was very impressed with the Fuxing between Shanghai and Beijing last year. Photo from on board (Business Class) shows we got to 353kph

  • Thank you Brandon, for explaining something which has puzzled me.

  • Looks lovely! I really enjoyed F on AF last year on a holiday to South Africa. Superb service. Food was much better out of CDG than return from JNB. It's just the company's strike threats that has made me nervous of booking with them again.

  • IMHO the 787 is far superior to any there aircraft because it's the only one with clean, fresh cabin air. All other places take the air from an engine bleed.787, A350 and A380 have the 6000ft cabin altitude, which is superior to 8000ft because it contains more oxygen and water vapour.Each of the ...

  • Turkish Airlines

    May 30, 2019, 05:59 PM

    Sorry for bucking the trend, but my flight last year to Nepal in J was terrible. Awful food and cabin crew more interested in chatting amongst themselves than serving pax.

  • I've had similar issues. But now I have insurance cover through my Amex Platinum. The card fee is less than my insurance quotes.

  • Wear what you like mate, but respect the Islamic culture on the MH flight. When on airlines that don't give out PJs to J class, I enjoy wearing their competitors' PJs. Similarly, if cabin crew don't lower cabin temp to a comfortable level, I'm happy to go topless to make a point.

  • I feel compelled to argue that infants shouldn't be allowed in F because of the noise they make. I'm self funded and I choose to pay a lot of money to travel up front in order to get rest and sleep. On my last overnight LHR-MCT in F on BA I got zero sleep because of a noisy child. Not an infant i...