Changing passports in the middle of a trip

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Leave UK on Oz passport because yr visa into US is on that, Uk emigration use pax records and doesn't check your passport, only the airline will to check yr id and that you have entry into the USA.



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If you remember a few simple rules, it's straightforward. The airline is only concerned that you have a legal entitlement to enter the country you are landing in. They don't want to have to pay to send you back to your country of origin. You can then enter and leave the country on any passport, the same, as some of you have pointed out. Immigration are concerned that you had entitlement to be in the country and are leaving on a valid passport, the same as you entered with. I have two passports, NZ/UK. When I travel to the UK/Europe I check in with my UK passport and when I leave NZ I show my NZ passport as I hadn't entered NZ with my UK passport. Works every time. If I stop over in Australia, its the NZ passport as I haven't an Australian visa on my UK passport.


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Certainly not a problem using two passports. In fact immigration authorities in countries like AUS UK and US most lilely already know your dual status. And as already noted, always check in using passport you will show on arrival at destination. Where you pass through immigration on exit (eg Australia) show same passport used to enter the country. One other note, if you haven’t travelled recently and as you’ll be using your UK passport to check in ex Australia, check-in staff will call Immigration to link your passports. Call only takes a minute and process is simple and one time only, that is until you renew either of your passports. Happened to me this year after I renewed my UK passport and check in agent at SYD needed to again make the call. However this time, call went into a queue and process took 15 minutes. So make sure you have plenty of time at check in just in case,


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I have three passports Aus/UK/Can and do this all the time, enter exit on passport of country - never had a problem.

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I have Aus/Germany/Can, resident in Can, and have no trouble traveling to Europe. However, a few years ago there was a problem when trying to travel from CA to AU using those passports - I got quite a few lectures about how the airline (Air Canada) got fined for people travelling on two passports. And was once pulled off an aircraft overbridge for "travelling without a visa" (had used CA passport to travel to AU). However, AC's check-in staff at Sydney simply linked the two passports - took 10 minutes or so - and that stayed in force until I got a new passport when the process had to be repeated. Since then, no more aggravation about multiple passports. I always present all relevant passports at the check-in desk, however. To the original poster: might be worth checking if your passports can be linked.


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A complete non issue in my extensive experience with passports from three different count

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Often do a trip to LHR/LAX/SYD. I leave on my Aus passport, enter LHR on my GB one and leave on my Aus to go to the States. The ESTA is on my Aus passport but also on the application has a record of my GB passport. .


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I've done this several times. I have to exit/enter Australia with my Aussie passport, and same for Canada with my Canadian passport. When I get to the US I usually just use my Aussie passport, but once my ESTA had lapsed, so I just pulled out the Canadian passport and presto, I'm in. The guy didn't like that I had two passports but it's perfectly acceptable to Canada and Australia.


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Hi McGlynp

A few trips back when I went through Heathrow All Passports Lane the customs officer noted I was born in UK and asked if I have a UK Passport in order to avoid the long queues . I told him I have but expired, he told me to bring it and use it along with my Australian Passport as I’m a British subject.

I have been doing it ever since, they stamp my Australian Passport and away I go.

My advice is present your Australian at the Passport counter and show your UK one make sure you fill in the arrivals card prior to, they usually hand out on the plane.


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You need to show the airline the passport you intend to use on arrival (i.e. the one that has the required visa or entitlement for visa free entry) and show border security the passport that you entered the country on.

For me travelling to the UK, I show check in my UK passport then use my NZ passport at border security. On the way home, check in will want to see my NZ passport as that is the one that allows to enter and remain in Australia. They would potentially not allow me to fly if I showed my UK passport as there is no visa/eta in it for me to enter Australia.


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I hold dual Aus / UK passports, and am required to use my Aus passport in and out of Aus, and my UK one on entering the UK. As mentioned by another responder, the UK doesn't have a formal immigration exit.

So, when I check in from London, I only need to show my Aus passport, but when checking in from Melbourne or Sydney, I need to show both (Aus one to exit Aus, UK one to enter UK).

All other countries, I then choose which one is more convenient (Aus for NZ, UK for Europe), or which has the cheaper visa cost (UK for Turkey / Brasil). I use my Aus one for the US as it is the one my ETSA is associated with.


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Hi All, Hoping someone has knowledge of the situation I am considering.

I have an upcoming RTW trip. I will be landing in London and staying in the UK before flying onto LAX for a few days and then back to Aus.

As I have both UK and Aus passports. I am intending to commence the trip on my Aus passport. To expedite getting through UK customs at LHR, I was hoping to use my UK passport to enter and exit the UK. I will then change back to my Aus passport for entry to America as this has my ESTA against it.

My question is around potential issues of changing back to my Aus passport for entering the states. Do the US authorities have access to UK customs records that would not have my entering or exiting the UK on the passport as I am attempting to enter the US on?, and does this matter if I have a valid Aus passport with an ESTA?


It's no problem, have similar situation UK and Aus passport.

Always use UK or EU passport for entering and leaving Europe, if your ESTA is attached to Aus passport, use that for entering USA.
Part of your ETSA application asks if you hold another passport..if you have correctly filed out ESTA then all good.


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You intend using your AU passport to expedite UK passport control. However your AU passport can be used in the ePassport channels which are the quickest way through anyway. No advantage in using the UK passport at all.


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If you have a British passport, sign up before departure for Global Entry in the USA.

Shorter arrival lines, plus you get TSA Pre check on all flights in the USA!

You’ll never use your Aussie passport to the USA again!


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I have travelled for years on a British and Australian passport, depending on where I’m landing, and have never had a problem.


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Leave UK on Oz passport because yr visa into US is on that, Uk emigration use pax records and doesn't check your passport, only the airline will to check yr id and that you have entry into the USA.

Incorrect advice. Cannot depart a country using a different passport that you used on arrival
OP will enter UK on their UK passport and must depart on this passport

Airline check in is another matter. Show the Australian passport for checking in for the US bound flight.

Multiple passports rule Number 1 - change passports in the air, not in country

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