Perth Airport sleeping pods

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It appears they are installing sleeping pods at Perth airport, which look great.

Would be perfect in in airport lounges too. Something ive always wished for during long stop overs.
Any thoughts?


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I don’t think I could sleep in one of those, some of the other larger styles I see online might be worth a try but these small ones look like a bit cramped. . Wouldn’t mind betting a few travellers might rent them for their children when on long stopover, with a charger and privacy they can sit an there, game and sleep a bit.


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The non-schengen Finnair J lounge has a few of these in HEL


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Would be a treat to have these in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane to use after those awful Perth red eye flights.

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Not a lot of difference to lay flat seats in J and far better than Y .


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Probably worth a try - like any airport, there are a lot of people around trying to get a bit of shut eye.


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Having a place to lay flat, or even lean back and relax is always nice, especially during a long transit.

Hopefully they put it in a sensible place, where it may be quieter, and not in the middle of all the chaos in the terminal.


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Would be interested to know if the pods are ever cleaned / how often...

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