AA domestic to QF international - advice as separate tickets

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Hi all, seeking some advice. Will be travelling from JFK to LAX on AA economy ticket and then same day QF First (reward ticket) LAX - MEL. I am a qantas club member and have silver status. Will Qantas link the tickets so my bags go straight through or am I required to recheck at LAX?


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Technically should be able to but that will depend on the agent. Since they are both OneWorld alliance airlines, it should be possible but some agents may not allow or don't know how to do it.


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Technically they don’t have too as it sounds like your booking is on 2 seperate PNRs as part of minimum OneWorld standards? Article below covers it off, seems as though AA will do it for you. Hopefully you have a friendly agent!

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I wouldn’t expect it, never had success on getting an AA PNR to connect to a QF PNR and check bags through in any class of travel. But, of course best of luck.


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AA won't through check across PNRs.


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A bit of a smile and your best charm might do the trick.


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Another point to keep in mind:

I'm not sure how many bags you're checking in. Just be aware of the different baggage allowance when on the two carriers, particularly on two seperate PNRs.

1 x 23 kgs for AA segment for Ruby (silver status) in economy and 3 x 32kgs for the first class segment with Qantas.
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Flew back from Memphis, via DFW to San Francisco with AA to connect with a QF flight back to Melbourne. Bags were checked in Memphis by AA and were waiting for me in Melbourne. Sometimes AA gets it right?!


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Part of the problem here is that many of the current front-line AA check-in staff have not been trained in how to access the differences in QF / AA PNR's. This is a 'benefit' of the amalgamation of US Air and AA staff, where AA tends to use SABRE inhouse (after all, they developed it) whereas most other oneworld carriers use Amadeus.

If you are 'knocked back' it is wise to politely ask for the check-in supervisor, who will know how to do it. Problem is, it can sometimes be time-consuming and fiddly - hence the pushback on encouraging it. Having travelled to a lot of 2nd / 3rd tiered AA domestic cities, I've rarely been refused on this where connection to international is involved. However, the differences in luggage policy on AA can be interesting..

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