What's your breakfast 'go to' at the Qantas first class lounge?

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The breakfast menu of the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney and Melbourne rarely changes and I reckon we all have our favourite meals. What's your 'go to'? For me it's the eggs benedict, I know it's a dish I can have for brunch at almost any cafe but the Qantas first lounge does it pretty well!


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Easiest question of the week! I'm a sucker for routine and have pretty much a 'set menu' which I stick to, to the point that the QF Sydney First lounge team kn oneworld it off by heart, and sometimes I've barely sat down and my flat white is on the table!

So, my go-to breakfast at the lounge is
* flat white
* orange juice
* bircher muesli
* corn fritters

I have changed it up a bit lately in the name of health with those delicious breakfast bowls, but I can honestly say I've not found corn fritters as delicious as the Qantas First lounge ones!



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I go with the eggs Benedict as well...

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I love the pancakes, surprisingly light compared to the heavy stodge which some cafes serve. The fresh fruit on top makes me a feel a bit healthy too LOL! Most of my flights are in the morning so this is all I have, plus a coffee, to take away hunger pangs, and I honestly don't like being too long in any lounge so I try to time it so I can get to the lounge just 30-45 minutes before boarding.


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Corn fritters!


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I'm a convert to the healthy breakfast bowls which are actually on the all day menu as well. The porridge in winter with 'Qantas honey' made from bee hives on Qantas HQ nearby is pretty good too, I just wish it was thicker like a proper English porridge.


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Corn fritters, an orange juice. I mix it up with some omelettes and eggs Benedict but the recent breakfast bowls are also excellent.


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The corn fritters or the pancakes, depending on whether I'm in the mood for savoury or sweet.


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i tend to alternate between the corn fritters or eggs benedict... can't go wrong!


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Love the quinoa toast. Will always go with the eggs benedict and the corn fritters.


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Strong flat white. Corn fritters with poached eggs on the side. And a glass of champagne, of course.


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Easy one as I have been taking a lot of morning flights recently. In the following order:

  • Piccolo
  • Mimosa
  • Corn fritters with two poached eggs
  • Mimosa
  • Champagne



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Corn fritters for me. It would be nice to see a couple of lunch dishes in the morning- can help you get in the zone for where you are heading.


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Looks like I need to get a morning flight for the corn fritters, poached eggs and then hang around for lunch...!!!


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Mine has to be corn fritters and fruit salad.

And a strong flat white as always!

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