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Hi Hive

For this who have the Amex Platinum Charge card, how many of you use its complimentary travel insurance for your general international travel? How do they stack up compare to other insurance policies?

Also, for those who have had to use it to claim, was it an easy process? And were they easy to get in touch with "prior to any spending" as the info booklet would tell us...

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Well, the travel insurance itself is pretty good. But the only shortcoming is that you have to purchase return flight ticket using your platinum card. While Amex Platinum team sometimes couldn’t get you the cheapest J/F fares and the competitive sites doesn’t support Amex, there wasn’t much you can do. One thing I do like about the Platinum insurance is their rental car insurance, you may save up to a few hundreds of dollars based on the car type you got.


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I retain the AmEx Platinum Charge card (and justify its sizeable annual fee) largely for its insurance benefits - the travel cover is very comprehensive, and fully comparable to the best 'paid' policies, by my reading. I had to make a claim a few years ago (child got sick and couldn't fly for a week, necessitating extra accommodation and flight change fees) and was really impressed with the service - very easy to have claims provisionally approved by phone, documentation requirements were very reasonable, and the claim was paid within a week. And as randomtraveller notes, the rental car cover can really cut the cost of renting a car, and will cover most vehicles. I've found the AmEx travel team to be much more responsive to price matching of late - I've booked a number of international J flights this year (including some convoluted RTW tickets), and they could obtain the same fares offered by 'discount' websites without any trouble.

In short, unless you needed very specific cover for activities abroad, I wouldn't look elsewhere for travel insurance.


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I have not had to make a claim for several years now but when I did, like others, it was a hassle free experience.

I was under the impression as long as some of the trip was paid using the card the insurance was activated and that included the fees and taxes on award tickets.


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I have the Qantas ultimate card. Is the insurance policy the same as the charge card?


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I made a claim last year when someone damaged my rental car in a parking area in Northern Ireland and I had to pay an estmated repair amount (that was surprisingly close to the final damage cost) on return of the car. Chubb was the Amex provider; understanadbly there's a process to follow, but I thought it went quite smoothly overall. Also, to Hertz's credit they provided a detailed costing of the damage repair bill that I had to provide to Chubb (I did wonder whether car rental companies in such a situation would bother responding) in a reasonably tmely manner. The charge was eventually reversed, so kudos to Amex PC card, Chubb & Hertz.



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I do rely on it entirely and it’s a seriously useful benefit. You do have to have a ‘return’ ticket entirely purchased on the Amex charge but within that there’s large degree of flexibility (seperate one way in and out, seperate direction in & out, RTW etc) ultimately the trip needs to ‘return’ to the origin, and the cover only commences when the last leg is purchased.

As far as claims go - we’ve only used it once and it was the easiest ever. Refunded to card within 14 days of starting the process (residual cancellation cost due to a sick relative).

I don’t thnik the other cards offer nearly the same value.


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My only criticism is that you can’t add a pre-existing medical condition, even if you are prepared to pay extra. This has meant that I’ve had to pay for a policy for my son.


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I have the Qantas ultimate card. Is the insurance policy the same as the charge card?

No, Platinum Charge has higher limits I believe.


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Contra to other responses, I tried to make a claim with Amex for its complimentary travel insurance only to be told that it does not cover any pre existing medical conditions and on further enquiries its definition of pre existing is vast. In my case I needed to see a dentist but as I had previously had a filling some years back it was considered pre existing. Also any past sport injuries, past medical issues/visits are not covered. For the cost I always take out a commercially available insurance product to cover such things that will cover or enable cover for pre existing if you need.

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