Cathay Pacific regional business class - any good?

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Hi all, am flying from Seoul to Hong Kong in Cathay Business Class serviced by an A330-300. I believe it's the regional business class on board as it's only a 3hr 45min flight. Has anyone been on their regional business class? I couldn't find any reviews on the AusBt site. Cheers.


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Length of the flight doesn't mean it has to be regional business class, some regional flights such as Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo have a mix of international and regional business class. Cathay regional business class is quite fine for a daytime flight around the duration you mention. Decent recline and legroom, AC and USB ports for each passenger so it's pretty much like a very good premium economy. A330 seating is 2-2-2, again not an issue for a flight of 4 hours.

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Although my recent Taipei-Hong Kong review was in Boeing 777 'international' business class with 'regional service', I've also previously flown Cathay Pacific Regional A330 business class from Tokyo to Hong Kong (around 4.5 hrs) before my AusBT days.

As AsiaBizTraveller notes, it's 2-2-2. Fairly comfortable with a deep cut-out from the seats in front to give plenty of legroom. Seats reclines into a Lazy-Z position which is quite relaxing and good enough for a light nap. There's not really any seat storage, unfortunately. The entertainment system uses an older, clunkier interface but the content itself should be fine.

Meal service is three course, with starters, mains and desserts served one after another, but onto a tray. Overall, it was an enjoyable way to fly for a short-ish route.

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Thanks guys. And Brandon that is really helpful - thanks so much.


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I 'm now flying CX a bit around Asia and I'd say at half my flights from HK are in regional business class, although this include Cathay Dragon which uses the same seat for its own business class. Nothing really to complain about, as Brandon says the seat is a bit dated in terms of storage, or lack of storage, but I travel pretty light. There's a pocket next to the video screen your your smartphone and it's only big enough for older small models like the iPhone 4, which shows you hold 'old' the seat is in design as this came before the trend towards bigger smartphones. But for what it does and what I need it's quite okay, I have no real complaints.


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With more new A350s being delivered (and long haul 777s and A330s being freed) there is a higher chance that a long haul operated flight will be switched out last minute compared to before. However, if your flight is initially scheduled on a regional aircraft it's very likely that it'll still be that config. As others have said, it's decent/good enough for the short flights they're designed for. Looking forward to the new regional business class seat that'll be introduced next year!


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Nothing wrong with Business Class on Cathay out of Seoul Incheon to Hong Kong. Just dont expect too much of a lounge experience leaving Seoul.


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I was not impressed with Cathay Pacific business class from Melbourne to Paris. The seats and indeed the bed was uncomfortable

and the food served to me was cold.

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