What is your experience using Q Tags in terms of luggage delivery, yay or nay?

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I love the old school baggage label and never used the Gold Q Tags given to me when I became Gold 3 years ago. My partner recently became Plat and I nicked one of the Plat Q Tag. I've used it in my last two domestic return trips and I noticed my checked-in luggage came out of the luggage belt much later compared to when I used the sticky luggage label. I prefer to use the Q Tag because it is better for the environment. But if I am pressed for time and I have check-in luggage, should I go back to sticky labels? (yes I know, first world problems)


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Staff always tell me to use the sticky labels, works much better through the system than the bag tags apparently.


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I've travelled twice since putting my Q-Tags on (having travelled with QF for over 30 years without incident) and had one lost bag, and one delivered last off the belt.... in both cases the Customer Service was perfectly acceptable, but in both instances comments were made by the QF team that the paper tags function much better...


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I tend to fly from Adelaide a fair bit and I am convinced that the status on the Q-tags are ignored by the handlers as my bags tend to appear at random when I reach my destination. However when traveling from other airports I find my bags are generally on the carousel fairly early. So I do believe their effectiveness is down to the airport you travel from.


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QTag or paper makes no difference. Unless you're flying on an A330 domestically, all the bags are placed into the same area and you get them out in a random order.


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Have used Q-tags exclusively domestically for 5+ years and do around 30-40 flights a year trans continent. Never had a lost bag, don't use a paper ticket and would have a 90% strike rate on coming out near the front(platinum). Unless I am a statistical freak there is no way it is always random. Not saying I'm always first out but I would say on average in the first 20 bags nearly every time. The only conclusion I can come up with (according to my experience) is that the Q-tags work and there is some level of prioritisation. They are quicker and easier in my opinion.


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I like the ease of use with the Q Tags but have found that my bags do not come out in any particular order - and generally not as one of the first (Gold status). Interestingly enough, before I was Gold, my bags more often than not would be one of the first out - with a Silver Q Tag attached. Go figure!


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Having worked inside the airport before, I have no issues usually with the Q Tags when it is point to point flights, as all the bags are loaded usually on the same plane and reach the destination. The issue is encountered when there is connecting flights domestically. The bags are usually loaded in a separate hold/compartment so the handlers know they connecting. But once in a while, the bag is missed and unless they scan each bag that comes off the aircraft, it comes onto the arrivals belt and misses its next flight if you have a tight connection as it is still going around the arrivals belt.


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I've had Qantas staff storm over to me at self service check-in asking me not to place the printed bag tag on my bag as I have plat Q tags. I obliged the very first time I was asked only to regret it. Print the tag and tell any Qantas airport staff thank you but no thank you, I prefer the paper tag. Qantas are HOPLESS at baggage delivery in any 'case' ;)

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Last trip in August is the only time I've used my Q Tags and they lost my bag.


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Wait, people actually use the Q bag tags to check bags in and not just as status-flashing ornamentation on their backpacks and briefcases?

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