Overnight transit in Shanghai

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In 2 and a half weeks I will be flying China Eastern from BNE to PVG, arriving in the evening, and then the next day I will be flying to LHR at 1pm. I will be therefore staying overnight in a hotel near PVG. It will be my first time to mainland China so I don't know what to expect. I know that I am eligible for the 24 hour TWOV but after looking online at lots of awful stories, I am very afraid I will be sleeping at the airport! Would anyone please tell me how high the possibility will be of me being rejected entrance? For the record I have a British and Australian passport.

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If you are allowed in, and it seems you are eligible, and it is not too late in the evening then the Maglev train plus a hotel on the bund is well worth it especially in the early morning. That would be in time to get you back to the airport by 10 or 11 for your 1pm flight.


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In addition to Patrick k, you might be eligible to a free transit hotel provided by China Eastern, if the fare class and itinerary are valid. Call them and check it out, I guess it should be fine.


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There might be a free hotel attached to the ticket, just ask. If not, the Ramada hotel at the PVG airport is the best airport option. Going downtown is another option as you have plenty of time.


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Took this same flight just last week. The line for short visa is relatively long with 15+ people lining up with two officers handling that line. The regular visa line was pretty quick, took no more than 5-10mins to clear immigration. The Ramada is pretty close. However, take the maglev and then a cab (ideally, get the hotel to give you their address in Chinese and show this to the driver when you get out of maglev), take a stroll along nanjing street and bund. Next day you could do plenty of sightseeing before heading to airport. Shanghai metro works very well. Enjoy China.


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Shanghai immigration are indeed reluctant to issue TWOV permits to travellers who have not been to China before, and hold onward tickets for =the same day=.

This is where all scary stories come from.

They are much more relaxed about folks who need an overnight stay.

Piece of advice: before you get into TWOV line, pick up an immigration form with a =blue= header (“Arrival card for temporary entry foreigners”)

Forms that China Eastern normally hand out during the flight (“Arrival card”) are not suitable for TWOV.

Lots of folks get in line, wait for their turn and get sent to the back of the line because of the wrong form.

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And have a printout of your e-ticket showing proof of onward travel, and hotel reservation.

Arriving on a late QF129 at PVG last year took me about 90min to get through the combined 24/144hr line.

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China Eastern....I'll say two Hail Mary's and one Our Father for you.........couldnt think of a worse airline to travel with. Try China Southern or Hainan-you won't regret it.

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