Gluten free meals in business class

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My wife is coeliac, meaning that she has to be gluten free for medical reasons, not just by choice. When she travels with me in business class, while I enjoy the business class menu she usually gets served the same uninspiring GF meal that is served throughout the plane, and sometimes it is also lactose free etc. to satisfy those with other types of allergy. Surely airlines could mark "GF" on some dishes on the business class menu, just as many restaurants do. For example, I would be sure that the excellent Japanese menu on JAL would be free of gluten, and the chefs could be asked to indicate this. This is an increasingly significant issue for airlines, as more and more people are being diagnosed these days as having a serious gluten allergy, as well as the growing numbers just preferring this type of diet.


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I'm in exactly the same boat. The problem is even though some of the business meals don't contain gluten ingredients, they are made in a commercial kitchen and therefore carry a risk of cross contamination. As some people have acute sensitivity, special meals are prepared in a dedicated kitchen to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

What I usually do is chat to the crew as they often have an ingredient list for each business class meal so can tell you which dishes may be suitable. That works well for me but depends on your wife's sensitivity. Sometimes I just play it safe and stick with the GF meal anyway as having an upset gut on a long haul flight is pretty dismal!

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For those with strict diets such as those with coeliac, I strongly recommend taking some food of your own onboard. I've heard of too many cases where the airline has forgotten a special diet meal.


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My wife's meals (gf) are normally better than mine. Sometimes even gets more than me. (Emirates, American, JetBlue, Qantas) no complaints here.

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