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Is anyone else experiencing problems with seat selection with their bookings? Using the app and/or website I can't pick any economy seat on the plane, I can see the seats are free just the app/website won't allow seat selection. Has happened on last few flights for me this year.


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Hi dlight,

I was experiencing the same difficulties and wrote to the Platinum One service team. They wrote: "I am sorry you have been having issues allocating seats, we are currently experiencing issues with this on our website. We have not been advised of a fix date at this stage. ". So, it appears they are aware of the problem and hopefully it will be fixed soon. I can only suggest you ring QANTAS and ask them to assign the seats, which they are able to do.


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I have given up on the app, useless, slow, seat selections don't save, boarding passes won't load which I am told by staff is a regular occurrence, worst app I have used.



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I tend to use my laptop as the app is pretty bad not only for seat selection. Even to not showing key flights like the last evening flight which was there via the website.


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App works just fine for me, 60+ flights per year


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App normally excellent although there have been a couple of issues in the last 48hrs.

One of the better travel apps I use and when working regionally much faster than the laptop.


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I have problems with the app not being able to show the whole width of the plane, so the seats on the Starboard side (J, K)

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Yes - I ran into the same problem starting around 23 January. Unable to select seats which are shown as vacant and available to me on either the app or the website. At first I thought it was the agent I'd used, and perhaps the reservation wasn't yet ticketed.


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I had this same issue for a Darwin-Perth flight on 25 January, even at the 80 hour mark before departure (on 22 Jan) when more seats would become available. I tried both web and app, nothing would work. I could select the seat, but it wouldn't save. The online chat agent said that the flight was under 'airport check in control', and he couldn't make any changes, I would have to wait for airport check in! He said that this was most likely because the plane was full and for a number of reasons seat allocation had to be carefully controlled. When I arrived at the airport I mentioned this to the check in agent, who was confused and said that the system had preallocated me row 4 (on a 737). On boarding, the plane was actually fairly empty. Just weird, never struck this before, usually the website works really well for seat selection.

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