• Two months ago I flew to Delhi, booked though Qantas website and it was QF to HKG then Cathay, on a CX flight number to Delhi.

  • 20 SC short of Gold. What to do?

    May 14, 2019, 11:28 AM

    I was the same so did a early Saturday morning return trip to Brisbane to get me over the line. Bascially picked what ever the cheapest flight was.

  • Thanks for that everyone. So looks like we have a nice relaxed lunch in the T4 lounge before ambling over to the T3 one for a dinner snack... :-)

  • We are having a Family holiday to the UK in August arriving on QF domestic into Perth at 13:30 connecting to QF9 at 18:45 and just noticed that the T3 transit lounge will be open from 13:00 til 14:45 and then again from 16:45 til 18:50. Any suggestions for what facilities we can use between...

  • https://www.jetairways.com/Information/home.htmlLooks like they have finally lost their funding and all planes are grounded... Were there any Qantas codeshares still being offered? When I flew to India the other week they were looking shaky and so I flew via HK with QF and CX..