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In mid March I cancelled my flight reservations with Qatar and received a confirmation email with the amount of the refund. I have not received the refund and any contact with Qatar results in an automated email requesting the same information previously supplied followed by a promise to pay the refund in 30 days which does not happen. Any help in making contact with a real person in Qatar would be greatly appreciated.


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Personally I'm waiting on refunds from QR, SQ, LO, and LH, all cancelled over a month ago. Interestingly I received a VA refund (SQ metal) immediately a month ago, might help that I'm Platinum, not sure.

I received an email today saying that QR is currently taking 14 weeks to process refunds, weeks not days! I realise I'm in a privileged position where I can afford to wait (which is what I will do), though 14 weeks is a long time. I'm not sure how much luck you'll have getting a refund any sooner as it they're obviously quite backed up, but good luck though, hopefully you can get onto someone there!


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its BS. Jetstar said 7 days, then 14, then a month. The month expired yesterday and still no $$


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I had flights with Air New Zealand... no refunds at all.


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Air Mauritius - same holding onto funds but refund has been processed..


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I've found the same thing with Virgin Australia, AirAsia, Vietnam Airlines and some small Euro Airlines. Refundable tickets which have been processed as a refund, but they're still holding on to the money.
One of them told me 90 working days to get the refund!!!


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Update - Jetstar refund received 2 days after fair trading complaint lodged.

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