Future of VA and their answer for their B777s

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Appears the Virgin 777s a running regular freight flights between BNE and MEL to Los Angeles (as per their media annoucement) as part of the Federal Govts Airfreight Assistance Mechanism to move critical supplies to overseas countries.

Given the scenario VA is in, having 5 B777s, 4 of which they own outright that are being put to use compared to sitting on tarmac, this is a potential strategy to ride the wave of 2020 until Intl passenger flights resume. Whoever does end up the buyer of VA, a lot of talk has emerged of getting rid of their expensive leased a330s and maybe their 1x leased B777. The 737s that they do have would replace the leased a320s and F100s that's rumoured to go that run key FIFO contracts in WA to streamline fleet as well as cancel lease on some of their Boeing fleet.

I am wanting to believe the situation isn't as dire as what people made out about VA. VA can focus on domestic for short term future and re strategise and re emerge as a leaner company. Comparison to Qantas who have thousands of crew dedicated to Intl, as well as large number of widebodies I am also interested to know how a larger company like QF plan to ride this wave without burning through their cash and loans as I have literally not seen anything about what they want to do with intl flying and their aircraft and staff etc apart from getting rid of B747s they own.


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Leased aircrafts MUST GO. They were leased for far too much back in the days and now, it would likely cost less to get rid of them than to fly them. As for the other 777s, really depends on the new owners, if there will be new owners at all.

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I think post-COVID VA needs to have international presence to compete with QF. Swapping B777s for B787s would make financial sense for VA given their current situation, if their new owners can make that happen. It will allow fleet synergy for domestic and international use (B777s are too large for domestic so they're a liability in the current climate).


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Even if the 777X does not enter production, only the 787 and 350 are the only planes avaialble.

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