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Can anyone tell me why the only flight from Melbourne to Sydney at the moment is at 7.30 pm at night. Makes it very difficult to get to a hotel when your plane lands at 9 pm.

I have contacted Qantas to no avail.


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MEL-SYD flights for the next few days:

September 17: Virgin 4:30pm, Qantas 7:30pm.

September 18: Jetstar 11am, Qantas 4:15pm (via Canberra), Virgin 4:30pm.

September 19: Qantas 7am, Jetstar 11am.

The good news is that getting to your hotel will be absolutely no problem: you'll be taken door-to-door to your quarantine hotel, courtesy of the ADF. Be comforted in the knowledge that this service will be given to you even after 9pm.

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I would expect it would be to do with air freight. Qantas are using A333 so they can take as much air freight as possible. A 7.30pm flight allows for next day delivery. At this time, freight is more important than the 10 or so people on the plane


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Sadly that is the flight schedule for the forseeable future. As Sibelius explains above, it won't be any problem getting to the hotel. I have to work in Sydney from the 22nd October, so hoping quarantine is not required by then, otherwise I'll have to go into quarantine on 7th October. Fingers crossed.

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