No jab no travel

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Fully agree with the policy - at last read something positive from Qantas - be interesting the cost of oversea fares they will come up with


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Good move Qantas ,


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This is going to be yet another instance of boomers screwing over younger generations. The government will roll out the vaccines to over 60s first and they’ll all be off to Alaska for cruises, while the rest of us wait around for 18 months to get vaccines.

After systematically screwing those under 35 for years, then insisting that young people lose their jobs and stay at home to keep over 60s safe from COVID they’ll gleefully make young people wait for over a year to travel while they jet off to spend the money that they’ve stolen from future generations.


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Hey greg959 at least you can take comfort in the fact that you have another 30 or 40+ years of travel ahead of you and the boomers won't get in your way when you are on your Alaskan cruise at 60+


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greg959...Don't worry. All those over 60 getting vaccinated and heading off overseas for skiing holidays will still have to do the mandatory 14 day quarantine on returning. So that may still put off many. Being vaccinated is not going to provide exemption from quarantine for many reasons too difficult to elaborate here. But you heard it from me here.


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Hell, get me a jab now - willing to pay. My husband lives in the USA and haven't seen him for nearly a year. Can cope with a few months apart with zoom calls, but this long........

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