• What email been a FF member since started no email in the in box or the trash box probably where it belongs.Flight to South Africa cancelled due to covid the same flight travelling same class is now costing 45% more - its not the war it is so Qantas Management can continue  their lifestyle&n...

  • What mass email been a member since FF started no email re Call Centre - not even in trash probably where it belongs. Flights which were cancelled due to Covid - same travel  now costs over 45% more flying premium  economy to South Africa - not the war issue Qantas Management the i...

  • Sounds great my concern is I read where the Andrews Govt who have managed the most Covid Deaths were looking at a passport - Lord help us if we have States having their own - only need to look at the disastrous Myki card in Victoria .Australia needs one travel Vac full stop - time to get rid of S...

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  • Qantas phone service (or lack of)

    Apr 10, 2022, 11:28 AM

    I think I rather have choice of other flyer now after reading poor service with Qantas. I dont fancy wasting my time on line for 6 hours plus for refund just wondering if people can do it via email requesting money be transferred to a Bank account - aware may get it many months later. Interestin...

  • Fare increases

    Mar 13, 2022, 07:32 PM

    I was planning to book a flight to JNB premium economy in October this year and overnight Qantas have increased the fare by 25%

  • No jab no travel

    Dec 04, 2020, 02:55 PM

    Fully agree with the policy - at last read something positive from Qantas - be interesting the cost of oversea fares they will come up with

  • The ticket states 1 x 66kg/145lb and its economy class and Bronze member

  • A friend has a eticket from Qantas Customer Service stating that there luggage allowance is 66kgs for a economy fare Melb- Syd- Jnb. The return states 30 kgs.If they front up with over 60kgs will Qantas honour the eticket or not!

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