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Ted Douglas

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What's the use of paying for business class if you are in the back row and the food trolley doesn't get to you till half an hour into a 90 minute flight?

The people in the fromt have been sipping wine and nibbling while others are parched.

And who is stopping the econony passengers from wandering into business class to use the toilet, evrn though they are told not to use them?


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I agree, I remember one flight where the flight attendant moved the trolley from the aisle back into the galley at least a dozen times to let people past to the front toilet, by the time I got my meal the bell had gone and I was scoffing it down so the tray could be put back up, surely a chain across the aisle until the meal is served is not too much to ask.


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Forward toilet use is a major reason I switched from Qantas to VA. I wonder if VA.2 and/or Rex will devalue Business even more by adopting the Qantas policy. I certainly hope not.


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Not sure what people are thinking but the usual brief at departure announcement once we are in the air is that the forward toilet is for business class.

Now whether or not the QF flight attendants enforces that rule differ by each shift and I don't actually remember that many people actually attempting to use the forward toilet from economy but maybe I just wasn't looking. Obviously it's enough for some to move to VA just because if this and I am aware that it does look ridiculous to have people queuing up on the aisle in the business class area for the toilet but maybe the QF management wasn't aware it wasn't enforced properly at the coalface

John Phelan

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The Qantas "policy" is the same as it's always been - the forward toilet on the B737 is for the use of Business pax; Economy pax are to use the rear toilets. That announcement is made by the CSM at pushback.

The problem is that a lot of FAs choose not to enforce it.

The return of a curtain - or at least a VA-style bar across the aisle - would help.

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While I would prefer if economy passengers were not using the front lavatory but I do understand Qantas' dilemma. I see a lot of Qantas Platinum passengers sitting in the first three rows of economy using this facility and it is difficult to say no to some of your highest paying passengers (even if not highest on that flight).

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