Meal service on Syd-Per-Syd A330 in J

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I flew Per-Syd-Per on 22/4/21 and 28/4/21on the A330.

Lovely crew on both legs, attentive and proactive, particularly on the forward leg, where J was full (on the return swapped to an Airbus a few days prior and with the lockdown over 10 empty seats).

The wine was exceptional on the return leg (Thompson Estate Cabernet Sauvignon) and the Chardonnay very good on the forward leg.

The food on the return leg consisted of three mains to choose from, a single Lindt chocolate, a slice of bread with a plastic container of butter and an ice cream for this 4.5 hour flight which left at dinner time from Sydney. On the forward leg there was a lemon dessert (packaged).

On both legs the main was inedible.

The presentation, cooking and re-heating result was similar to but inferior to a Lean Cuisine supermarket meal. Tough gristle-packed tiny lamb pieces (4!) under soggy pastry on the way back; overcooked pork with grey beans and near-liquified soggy cabbage on the way over.

I understand these are dire times and that Qantas has suffered greatly.

I have also read the reviews of shorter flights in J on this websites where the food is reviewed.

Do readers think this standard of food is acceptable for this leg?

Rod H

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That's appalling!!! If that was served up in a restaurant one would demand a refund and give it a " zero" star rating.

There's no excuse for serving crap like that , even during covid hard times. I would guarantee there would be hell to pay if that was served to Alan Joyce in the staff dining room!!1


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To be honest, i think QF domestic business is a rip off at the best of times.


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Food in the Melbourne Business Lounge was appalling yesterday. Options of a lentil soup and a chicken cacciatore (with no chicken). It was between 1:30 and 14:00 so people were after a late lunch. No sandwiches available, despite it being lunchtime with only some carrot sticks and cheese to snack on. I was told that the sandwiches start at 3:00pm (after lunch). Ended up going across to the Qantas Club as they had Jacket Potatoes with sour cream, bacon and cheese over there, as well as sandwiches and the same soup and (chicken) cacciatore. Somehow it seems the better food offering was at the club rather than the business lounge!


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This food is worse than economy meals 30 years ago. I can only guess they are hoping to discontinue on board meal service entirely after a suitably worded "survey of customer preferences".

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For the price paid, Qantas Domestic J is a bad product compared to what you can get flying Transcon USA or Asia. Qantas can’t even guarantee wifi on domestic flights in 2021.

Problem is the lack of competition in Australia at the moment. If it ever picks up, service will improve. But if it doesn’t, suck it up and get used to it.


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This is where VA's middle ground J offering may represent better value than QF i.e. QF = High price/average product offering Vs VA= average price/average product offering.

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