Question re second guest access to lounge

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Hi everyone,

Travelling as a family trio this week SYD to YVR in Y - flight leaves at 20.10…One pax is LTG so officially can take 1 guest but not 2 into lounge…..Anyone had any experience/luck recently getting a second guest into the lounge late in the afternoon ?



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I don't like your chances, but they're greater than zero. Walk up with a smile, and ask politely. In my experience, you'll have a greater chance if you not-so-subtly make it clear that you're all family (eg. "Would it be possible for me to bring in my wife/husband and son/daughter?")



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They tend to be more generous if it is not crowded.

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If one of your guests is under 18 years then they are not counted.


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I have had a lot of success with Qantas Club

getting extra guests in

even up to four adults,

more successful if it’s less crowded

Always ask politely


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A lounge can look empty but staff will know if it's about to get busy. Having asked politely but then turned down, be gracious.

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