Qantas phone service (or lack of)

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Just got an email from Qantas explaining why, rapid increase in calls and they say 50% can be done on line plus hiring delays. Very apologetic but they said it is not good enough and they are onto it. I must say one reason is allowing only one change per booking before having to call an operator. But in a Covid world where not only states but companies cancel face to face meetings due to Covid then more flexibility in online booking changes would go some way to easing call centre pressure.


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The email sent out by Qantas is just a pathetic attempt at damage control. The email should have been sent weeks ago and something should be done at Platinum and Gold FF wait times immediately. They will definitely lose business.


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I think I rather have choice of other flyer now after reading poor service with Qantas. I dont fancy wasting my time on line for 6 hours plus for refund just wondering if people can do it via email requesting money be transferred to a Bank account - aware may get it many months later.

Interesting I have been. FF since it started and had given Qantas a lot of dollars over the years no apology email to me

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With the immense coverage of service failings by the airports and airlines in mainstream media, I am surprised it has not yet ranked any commentary by Executive Traveller itself. Surely, this is a key issue for business travellers who are now experiencing massive issues throughout their travels from call centre snafus, to check-in queues, delays, baggage handling and terminal transfers. These are real issues for us regular travellers and far more important to us than a hotel opening or lounge menu.

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Just for interest I phoned VA Guest Service a while ago and got through in less than 3 minutes and had my enquiry answered and the necessary actions completed very quickly

Sure there are less Passengers flying with VA but there seems to be a massive difference in wait times .

QF sure need to improve their service one hell of a lot .


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I can't complain, calls through to Qantas Guest Service. Within last 10 days, first was answered in 4 mins and the second in 10 mins as P1 for bookings using points. Staff were extremely pleasant and cooperative. One person worked from home couldn't assist me enough. Good to see for members who follows ET.

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