Five tips for Qantas flyers visiting Brisbane's domestic lounges

By Chris C., March 18 2019
Five tips for Qantas flyers visiting Brisbane's domestic lounges

This article is part of our ongoing Business Travel 101 series for newcomers to the world of business travel.

From the fastest paths through security to the quickest place to get your morning coffee, there are many tricks regular travellers learn along the way to save time: and when travelling for work, that can either mean more time at home or spent enjoying the lounge.

With a Priority Pass card in your wallet, your dining options are also expanded beyond the lounge precinct, and if you're connecting from an arriving international flight, you may be entitled to better lounge access than you were expecting.

Whatever the goal, here are five tips for Qantas flyers visiting the airline's domestic lounges at Brisbane Airport.

1. Begin the journey with Qantas Premium Lounge Entry

If you haven't already experienced it, Qantas Premium Lounge Entry in Brisbane isn't just a private security screening point with direct lounge access, a la Virgin Australia Premium Entry in the same terminal: it's also a private check-in hall where suitcases can be tagged and boarding passes issued.

So rather than making the airport's general check-in area your first port of call, head straight to Premium Lounge Entry even when flying with a checked bag, as there are separate automated kiosks for bags with Q Bag Tags, and staff to assist with check-in, including for international connecting flights.

Qantas Premium Lounge Entry directly feeds in to the Qantas Club, with the Business Lounge and Chairman's Lounge through separate door once inside, and the simple rule is that if you can access any of these lounges, you can use Premium Lounge Entry, as can your guests.

That's a win for Qantas Club members who don't otherwise receive priority security screening at regular checkpoints – a privilege reserved for business class passengers, and Gold frequent flyers and above – although passengers accessing the lounge using a single-use pass can't sneak through Premium Lounge Entry.

Photos: Qantas Premium Lounge Entry at Brisbane Airport

2. There's another way to get to the lounge faster, helpful at peak times

While top-tier passengers already have several ways to get through security and into the lounge – via Premium Lounge Entry, the standard checkpoint outside and the separate priority queue there – there's a fourth option, for those times when queues are longer than usual.

As the entire Brisbane Airport domestic terminal is linked airside, passengers encountering those long lines may actually find it faster to wander further along to the Jetstar check-in area and clear security there, before walking back and into the lounge upstairs.

This layout also makes it easy for passengers to use the lounge whether flying with Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar: unlike the arrangements at Sydney Airport where different airlines are split across different terminals, which requires some passengers to hop between them for lounge access.

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3. Once inside the lounge, make use of the express coffee kiosk

Forget lining up for coffee in the mornings: after you've come up through Premium Lounge Entry, there's a small coffee cart tucked away to the side: just opposite the Business Lounge entrance.

Most travellers power straight past, but I always find this the quickest place to get my morning latte: there's almost never a line, and particularly before the earliest flights of the day, it's a convenient place to grab that coffee and take it straight to the gate as boarding commences, if you're pushed for time.

Personally, I'd rather get extra sleep before a busy day of business travel rather than wake up earlier to just sit in the lounge, so this works quite well for me when taking those eye-watering 5am flights to Sydney or Melbourne – and later in the day, still gets my coffee faster than ordering inside one of the lounges.

4. Have time to spare? Enjoy a meal on Priority Pass, too

While the Qantas Club and Business Lounge both offer a range of food and beverages, nothing beats a freshly-cooked meal: and with a Priority Pass card in your wallet, that's your ticket to a $36 dining credit at Bar Roma or Graze Grill & Bar.

Both these outlets are conveniently located down at the Qantas end of the domestic terminal: Bar Roma being opposite gates 23-24 along the main terminal concourse – specialising in pizza, pasta and other Italian favourites – while Graze is down amidst the satellite gates of 16-21, closer to the lounge.

Given the choice, I'll generally head to Bar Roma for breakfast: Eggs Benedict with a latte and a chilled bottle of water to take with me is my standard go-to, while leaning towards Graze for lunch or dinner, where soft shell tacos and crispy squid are simple, tasty bites.

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5. As in other airports, you may have lounge access after your flight

It's no secret that Qantas Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers can use the lounge before their flight, but these same members can also stop by the Business Lounge and Qantas Club after touching down on a Qantas, QantasLink, Jetstar, Emirates or Oneworld flight.

For some travellers, that could be for a quick refreshment before hitting the road, while others may find it useful as a place to tackle work before heading into the office, or to meet up with colleagues or clients who may also be flying through the airport.

The same privilege is extended to business class passengers stepping off the overnight flight from Perth (QF652), which gets in bright and early at 5:25am – providing the chance to sleep on board and enjoy breakfast (and perhaps a shower) in the lounge, before venturing into the city or heading home.

Another trick to keep in mind is that if you've arrived into Brisbane flying business class (or first class) on an international Qantas, Emirates or Oneworld flight and have a domestic connection, even if that domestic hop is in economy and you don't have a Platinum frequent flyer card, you can still use the higher-tier Business Lounge as opposed to the Qantas Club.

The same works in reverse with a domestic leg connecting onto an international business class or first class flight: just present both boarding passes or your business class itinerary for business lounge access.

This comes most in handy when you've used points to upgrade your international flight – such as from premium economy to business class – but you chose not to upgrade the domestic sector, or when you've arrived at the pointy end internationally but are continuing onto a flight without a business class cabin, such as on many of Qantas' regional services to places like Bundaberg.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jan 2015

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Perfect timing for this article I will be In Brisbane this weekend

Thanks Chris

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2014

Total posts 321

It can be rather slow at certain times with the line stretching out the door, I sometimes use the normal entry with carry on only and it’s much quicker.

In addition to the express coffee kiosk you can also download the Skip app and pre-order your cappuccino ahead of time collecting it from the barista in the Business Lounge.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 May 2018

Total posts 66

This has to be in my opinion the best check in experience and I use it 8+ times a year (am retired). Friendly staff, friendly security staff. Good barista coffee in the Business lounge, generally delivered to your seat. Food could do with a change.. the Mexican cantina should be swapped every two years for something else..

01 Feb 2018

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If you are connecting to an international business class flight, you are entitled entry to the business lounge in Brisbane - which is a bonus if travelling economy on the domestic leg.

24 Apr 2012

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Indeed, as we've mentioned in the article.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

20 Mar 2019

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So, I am flying SIN to SYD business class and have a connecting economy flight to BNE. Can I go into the domestic business lounge at SYD whilst waiting for the BNE flight?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

08 Jun 2018

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As BNE is my home base, I am totally sick and tired of the Mexican Cantina. Not many pax want to eat beans before flying!

22 Nov 2018

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Agree with the comments re the Mexican Cantina. Food is pretty bad. Melbourne have a great 'spice kitchen'. Lovely asian food.

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