• As BNE is my home base, I am totally sick and tired of the Mexican Cantina. Not many pax want to eat beans before flying!

  • Yup .. have always loved 5B or 5J. These are the premium seats on QF's Queen of the Sky. Unfortunately for tomorrow's flight I couldn't get .. so 3J was best ... at least in the "nose" is nice as lot's of space, Feeling sad already as it might be one of the last 747 flights on QF.

  • ... more personality :)

  • Good cafe food, spa facilities and decent champagne makes up for the rotten decor and sterile feeling in this lounge. The biz lounge directly below has more perd

  • Agreed .. Back in the 90s I used to pay for Flight Deck (Qantas) and Golden Wing (Ansett) lounge access. The standards were higher, clubs were more private, few members with lots of value add services for travellers. Today, they're almost commodity services with every man and their dog in the l...

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