Gold Coast Airport plans private Commonwealth Games lounge

By Chris C., November 14 2017
Gold Coast Airport plans private Commonwealth Games lounge

Athletes and officials passing through Gold Coast Airport during the 2018 Commonwealth Games will have access to a newly-built, private airport lounge to escape the masses before their flight.

Located before security in the airport’s domestic zone, the ‘GC2018 Airport Lounge’ will fuse beach and rainforest design elements to create an outdoor-like space inside the terminal, with a uniquely Australian feel.

As with many airport lounges, an array of food and beverage options will be available, served at manned counters…

… but again with a distinct Australian twist, guests can enjoy their fare at park benches while sitting under a beach umbrella:

Local performers will be invited to crank out tunes on the stage, which will also host Australian wildlife presentations…

… but for athletes preferring to watch Games events before their flight, a large viewing screen will also be available:

Staff will be on-hand to assist with any queries, or to take photos of guests in front of a sand-crafted version of ‘Borobi the blue koala’: the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games mascot…

… and, perhaps less excitingly, charging points for smartphones, tablets and laptops can be found throughout the lounge:

Gold Coast Airport COO Marion Charlton explains the design in saying “we’re aware that many athletes are here purely to compete and won’t necessarily have the chance to get out and explore the Coast and everything it has to offer.”

“The theming and activations we have incorporated are designed to give people a truly local experience while they’re at the airport. Creating a dedicated space for Games Family also relieves potential congestion from the rest of the terminal during Games time.”

Gold Coast Airport will install temporary fast-track immigration facilities for athletes and officials passing through the international terminal as well, but will stop short of adding a general ‘Express Path’ channel for business class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers, as offered at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth international airports.

A spokesperson for the airport told Australian Business Traveller that “based on current international business passenger traffic, there is currently not sufficient demand to justify a dedicated express lane.”

“We do have the capability to introduce this at a time when there is sufficient demand,” the spokesperson added.

Keen to step inside the GC2018 lounge? Sorry: once the Games are over, the space will become part of the airport’s southern terminal expansion, rather than being transformed into an independent, pay-to-access lounge.

You can instead take a virtual tour of the space by watching this one-minute video, before enjoying access the airport's public Qantas Club and Virgin Australia Lounges, subject to the usual entry requirements.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

I do hope these images are nowhere near what it might look like. It reminds me of what the "outdoor settings" dept. at Myer used to look like. It (or the images at least) look totally naff.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

23 Oct 2013

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There really needs to be more doing and less planning... With people arriving for the games in a little over 4 months they really need to get building with these kinds of things.

I clearly remember the Gold Coast airports intentions to build jetbridges and switch the international terminal to the other end before the games but that got shelved along with a host of other upgrades... I wonder if this will as well.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

19 Feb 2014

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A lot of work to be done in 4 months time. The airport is going to be madness come April - it's already bursting at the seams several times a day.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 Jun 2015

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I’m sorry but to me the lounge design as described in the pictures look hideous as best! Looks rather cheap and reminded me of the feel you get when you visit a Reject Shop

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2014

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Looks cheaper and tacky, it seems that QAL who also own Townsville Airport “cheap and tacky” must be their design company.


03 May 2013

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This airport is embarrassing as the first things Athletes will see. It should have been redeveloped when they won the games. Its a glorified tin shed, chaotic and very third world.

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

27 Nov 2012

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Definitely fits the Gold Coast style, glitzy public bar lounge image, with down market aluminium furniture, and dare I say, throw down cushions or bean bags!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

27 Jun 2013

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It makes sense considering it is only for 2 weeks "once the Games are over, the space will become part of the airport’s southern terminal expansion, rather than being transformed into an independent, pay-to-access lounge." Although it would have been nice if they decided at the announcement to create a legacy for GCA and have the whole terminal upgraded & ready

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