Last chance: convert your points to Velocity for a 15-30% bonus

By Chris C., November 30 2017
Last chance: convert your points to Velocity for a 15-30% bonus

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The clock is ticking: today is your last chance to convert your credit card, Flybuys or hotel loyalty points into Virgin Australia Velocity points with a 15-30% bonus – so if you haven't already shipped your points across, stop what you're doing and get it done!

Even if you were organised and converted some points earlier this month, you may have accumulated extra points throughout the last few weeks, which you could also to move across to Velocity while this bonus offer is still running.

That's particularly true of Flybuys points, which shoppers can easily earn at Coles, First Choice Liquor, Liquorland and many other participating businesses, which can be converted in increments of just 2,000 points.

Don't delay – you'll need to transfer your points by midnight tonight, otherwise your program's regular conversion rate will kick in.

It doesn't matter if those points don't show up in your Velocity account straight away: as long as you initiate the transfer by the end of November, you'll pick up an easy serve of bonus points, as detailed below.

PREVIOUS | Converting your hard-earned credit card points into Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer points can earn you a nice 15% bonus through the end of November, while points transfers from Coles Flybuys and selected Velocity hotel partners are also eligible for a 15% boost.

What’s more, ANZ Rewards and ANZ Business Rewards members can scoop up a higher 30% bonus during the same period – so if you’re sitting on a pile of reward points, now is a great time to convert them to Velocity!

Wherever you bank, shop or stay, here’s what you need to know to collect your own bonus bounty.

Bonus points on Velocity credit card transfers

Ship your credit card rewards points across to Velocity between October 30 and November 30 2017 and you may be eligible for a 15% or even a 30% boost, depending on the source of those points.

For American Express Membership Rewards, Bank of Queensland Q Rewards, Card Services Rewards, Citibank Rewards, Diners Club Rewards, HSBC Rewards, NAB Rewards and Suncorp Rewards members, the bonus offering is the standard 15%.

That includes points transferred from popular American Express Membership Rewards-earning cards such as AMEX Explorer, AMEX Essential, Platinum Edge, Platinum Charge, Business Accelerator and Business Platinum, plus the David Jones AMEX and the David Jones Platinum AMEX.

For example, an AMEX Explorer cardholder transferring 100,000 Membership Rewards Gateway points to Velocity would normally receive 75,000 Velocity points at the program’s standard 4:3 conversion rate, but during the promotion period, that’d be boosted to 86,250 Velocity points.

Members of ANZ Rewards and ANZ Business Rewards will instead receive a 30% bonus on all points conversions to Velocity this month, including both manual conversions and points shipped across via the program’s monthly ‘auto-redemption’ feature, including from the ANZ Rewards Black, Platinum, Travel Adventures and Classic personal cards.

Excluded from the promotion are bank loyalty programs other than those named above – with Amplify Rewards, Commonwealth Awards and Westpac Altitude Rewards notably absent – along with any ‘direct earn’ Velocity credit cards, such as AMEX Velocity Platinum, where Velocity points are the only option.

Bonus points on Velocity transfers from Flybuys

Similarly, swapping your Flybuys points for Velocity points attracts a 15% bonus until November 30, and with transfers starting at just 2,000 Flybuys points, even a small shopping balance could give your Velocity account a handy boost.

Transfer 2,000 Flybuys points and 870 Velocity points would normally be your reward: but this month, you’d get around 1,000 Velocity points instead.

Points can be converted in multiples of 2,000 – so a conversion of 16,000 Flybuys points during the promotion provides 8,004 Velocity points all up, being the usual haul of 6,960 Velocity points (transferred at the normal 1=0.435 rate), plus a 15% bonus on the converted amount:

Flybuys members can convert up to 138,000 Flybuys points into Velocity points each calendar year.

Bonus points on Velocity transfers from hotel partners

Have extra points lying around in the IHG Rewards Club, Hilton Honors, Le Club AccorHotels, Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) or Choice Privileges programs? You can also move them across to Velocity for a 15% bonus until November 30, and from Shangri-La Golden Circle with a 25% bonus.

Even at 15%, that’s excellent news for Starwood Preferred Guest members, because if you were to convert 20,000 SPG Starpoints to Velocity, you’d get this temporary 15% bonus on top of the normal 25% bonus that Starwood offers year-round on transfers of this amount, with an already-generous 1:1 conversion rate.

For instance, convert 20,000 Starpoints to Velocity and you’d normally receive 25,000 Velocity points (20,000 Velocity points plus a 25% bonus). Make that a 40% bonus this month (15%+25%) and you’d end up with 28,000 Velocity points instead.

However, transferring points to Velocity has less appeal from programs like Hilton Honors, where the standard conversion rate is a significantly less generous (10 Hilton Honors points = 1.5 Velocity points), so consider whether using your hotel points towards a hotel stay in this instance might bring better value.


Executive Traveller may receive a commission when you apply for these credit cards via our links.

The information provided on this page is purely factual and general in nature. You should seek independent advice and consider your own personal circumstances before applying for any financial product.

Chris C.

A Brisbane-based contributor to Executive Traveller, Chris Chamberlin lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins not just with a single step, but also a strong latte, a theatre ticket, and later in the day, a good gin and tonic.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Jun 2017

Total posts 9

Thanks, timely reminder to convert.
I want to sit on a pile of points and convert them at a time of my choosing , but the auto redemption function of many credit cards prevents this.Are there any NON Amex cards available that allow accumulation so that the bonus offers can be fully utilized?

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2585

There's a long list of credit card reward programs in the article which allow points to be accumulated, and with cards like ANZ, auto-redemption is optional anyway.

06 Jul 2017

Total posts 22

The cap of 138,000 flybuy points per year is a real nuisance. I rack up flybuys swiftly and was excited when this bonus offer came out yesterday. When I went to make the transfer though, I was told I only have 2,000 flybuy points left for the calendar year, bummer. :-(

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2017

Total posts 55

maybe you can have multiple accounts for family members and pool them via velocity?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Aug 2017

Total posts 70

I received an email (possibly targeted?) early in May during Velocity's "One Billion Points" promotion, stating that if I agreed to convert ALL my existing Flybuys points to Velocity in May and June, the 138000-point cap would not apply during those two months. I took up the offer, and managed to accumulate 25,000-odd Flybuys points during those two months, all of which were converted to Velocity. As a result, I've actually converted over 160,000 Flybuys points to Velocity this year.

My strategy for 2018 will be to wait until May/June to see if this offer comes up again before transferring my Flybuys points.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Aug 2017

Total posts 70

Another option if you've reached the 138000 point cap is to convert your Flybuys points to Etihad Miles -- a fantastic option for Virgin Australia flights. One example: Melbourne to Hamilton Island in Business costs 35500 Velocity points, but only 13800 Etihad Miles. That's not a misprint.

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2585

There are some great-value booking options available via Etihad Guest, although you can only spend Etihad miles on Virgin Australia flights by calling Etihad (no online bookings), and Etihad doesn't always have access to the same reward flights as Velocity members, so just because a flight is showing as available in Velocity doesn't necessarily mean it's available for booking using Etihad Guest miles (you have a pretty good chance if so, but there are times when availability doesn't match up between the two programs).

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

27 Nov 2012

Total posts 44

Hi Chris, doe’s this mean that VA are actually chasing money through their Velocity Program?

I note that the bonus points are usually just prior to Christmas, and the end of the Financial Year.

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

14 Jul 2017

Total posts 17

I have just over 2 million IHG points. Is this VA offer for me or, does anyone have a better idea to convert them. I hardly ever use AU internal airfares, being resident in Asia.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 Jan 2015

Total posts 601

convert to velocity then convert from velocity to least you can then have an asian carrier to use them with

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

12 Jun 2015

Total posts 5

There must be a lot of really annoyed loyal Velocity members out there, myself included, that made sure they transferred their hard earned points by the deadline Nov 30 to qualify for the 15% bonus only to find out the very next day Velocity announce an even better offer ! From 1st to 10th Dec up to 30% bonus on all card transfers.

Hi Guest, join in the discussion on Last chance: convert your points to Velocity for a 15-30% bonus