What we’ll miss about the Qantas Hong Kong lounge

Gone, but not forgotten...

By David Flynn, December 10 2021
What we’ll miss about the Qantas Hong Kong lounge

Qantas intends to begin reopening its international lounges at London, Los Angeles and Singapore this month, but there’s one lounge which won’t be coming back.

As Executive Traveller first reported in August 2021, Qantas’ Hong Kong lounge is now permanently closed – indeed, it’s been stripped and gutted (although we’re hearing rumours that a new lounge may eventually take its place).

When Qantas flights to Hong Kong resume, all lounge-worthy travellers – including Qantas Club members – will have access to Cathay Pacific’s lounges such as The Pier, The Wing and The Deck.

And while these are excellent lounges, we’ll miss the Qantas Hong Kong lounge.

Yes, some lounge enthusiasts flying to Australia with Qantas were happy to head to the far end of the terminal to spend time at Cathay’s The Pier – which we rate as among the world’s best, in both the first class and business class categories – and then trudge back to the low-numbered gates at the top of the terminal to catch their QF flight.

But for many, if not most, the Qantas Hong Kong lounge was more than enough.

When it opened in April 2014, this was only Qantas’ second all-new international lounge after Singapore – and even more so than its Lion City sibling, the Hong Kong lounge’s design drew from and reflected its storied yet vibrant location.

Tucked away almost behind Qantas’ checkin desks at Hong Kong International Airport, and overlooking the gates often used by Qantas flights, this compact boutique space on the terminal’s upper level was bathed in natural light, with views of the gates and airfield adding an open feel which other lounges lacked.

A highlight was the BBQ pork bar, perhaps the lounge’s most emblematic embrace of Hong Kong, where travellers could enjoy one last plate of authentic crimson-red Char Siu pork and rice before winging their way back home.

In addition to the daily plates served around dinner time, before the departure of Qantas’ flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, a yum cha-style trolley rattled around with a selection of dim sum, dumplings and mango tarts.

We’ll miss that feeling that even this visit to the lounge was part of the journey, despite the trip being almost over, and that ‘slice of home’ vibe you get in any overseas Qantas lounge.

And we’ll miss the lounge’s familiar friendly faces, with many staff having been there from Day One and knowing regular passengers and frequent flyers on a first-name basis.

Here’s a glass raised to the Qantas Hong Kong lounge – gone, but not forgotten…

24 Aug 2011

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It was a great lounge with really excellent staff.  I always rated it much more highly than SIN which, apart from having no views or natural light also seems to have staff who, though efficient, are far from welcoming.

The only slightly weird thing I found about the HKG Lounge was the restrooms which seemed to have been added in late in the piece and almost felt like demountables at the back of the lounge.  It wasn't a big deal but didn't feel quite right.


20 Sep 2019

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Great article remembering a great lounge, thank you. Paul who was there from day 1 was fantastic at remember faces and especially when through fairly frequently names. He was an excellent host and the whole staff were amazing with excellent open views and feeling. While the CX lounges did probably pip the QF one, it was an excellent one to spend time in and will be a sad loss. With many long layovers in HKG I tallied up a lot of hours here and bouncing between this and other ones so it will a hole in HKG layovers from now on. I wonder why this was pulled as it was always busy and seemed always to have many guests in there

Very much agree, what a great lounge this was. Sure, it couldn't beat The Wing or of course The Pier, but it was still a wonderful Qantas lounge. I preferred it to Qantas' Singapore lounge. The staff were fantastic, Hun-Li and Paul especially. The bartenders always were happy to make something different or special for you if you asked. It was funny when The Deck opened just behind the Qantas lounge and Qantas kept the sliding door between them closed, if I was Qantas I would have opened it because a lot of The Deck passengers would certainly have come into the Qantas lounge!

05 Mar 2015

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I really liked this lounge. The staff seemed to know everyone, certainly the frequent flyers. Loved the meals, a plate of BBQ pork plus a cocktail or two was always the best way to start your visit. And who can say no to those mango tarts!

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14 Apr 2013

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By far this was my favorite longe in the network. Always loved the 'special' champagne tucked away. Cheers to the memories created and ones that will never be forgotten. 

I was really sad to read about this lounge closing, I love the CX lounges but this one holds memories of many great trips to HKG.

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