• There is also an online portal at https://travel-exemptions.homeaffairs.gov.au/tep where you can sign up for an account and track submitted requests

  • Updated advice has been published on 29 July on the home affairs website. If you have not spent more time outside Australia than inside for the last 12 to 24 months, but still consider yourself to be ordinarily resident in another country, you can submit a request for a travel exemption.Your requ...

  • No. I know of people overseas whose employment/secondment is about to wrap up and they are commenting on the potential lucky dip by the day or weeks of securing a seat back home.

  • If they are going to put a 4,000 cap, at least consider a reservation system for the hotel quarantine and align it with the incoming available flight schedule. Make a deposit payable at the time of the reservation and deduct it from the final bill at the end of the 14 day stay. At least people co...

  • Perhaps the trade off for the users pay system for hotel quarantine on return is the removal of the outbound departure travel ban restriction which requires approval from Home Affairs department?

  • Why is Qantas parking planes in US?

    Aug 02, 2020, 04:39 PM

    Qantas have an engineering/maintenance base at LAX, so having the A380s stored at Victorville (about an 1.5 hour drive away from LAX) will keep the team occupied in keeping the aircraft maintained whilst stored there.

  • They do offer slightly more if you have MPO status, I got US$75 last year for a faulty IFE in PEY

  • No, the in town check in facility is provided as part of the Airport Express service/ticket/fare. Alternative would be to do the check in at the airport in advance (if provided by the airline) first by taking the A/E route buses if you don't want to take the MTR, then take the local bus to visit ...

  • Cathay Pacific Airways will pay HK$4.93 billion (US$628 million) to buy budget carrier HK Express from the HNA Grouphttps://www.cathaypacific.com/dam/cx/about-us/investor-relations/announcements/en/20190327_CX_Announcement_HKE_en.pdf

  • You could consider the Citi Prestige (Visa) Card A$1 spend = 2 Citi Rewards Points which convert back to 1 Asia Mile with a minimum transfer of 5,000 Citi Rewards Points (i.e. 2,500 Asia Miles). No points capping but the card's annual fee does cost $700.