Sydney Ritz-Carlton hotel set to soar at The Star

By David Flynn, December 8 2016
Sydney Ritz-Carlton hotel set to soar at The  Star

Sydney's new Ritz-Carlton Hotel will soar above The Star casino and entertainment complex at Pyrmont when it opens by 2021 – and it'll take the shape of one of these three towers, shortlisted as finalists in a $500 million design competition.

The six-star hotel Ritz-Carlton Sydney hotel will contain 220 rooms with panoramic views over Darling Harbour and beyond, along with events spaces, conference ­facilities and a ballroom.

The 215 metre tower will also be home to 150 upscale residences.

Here's the first design from global architects Grimshaw, which merges skyscraper with silo:

Up next: an angular multi-faceted edifice from BVN.

The most dramatic tower of the trio is FJMT's spiral twist, which some have already suggested looks like an askew stack of silver Star casino gaming chips.

"The international calibre and local credentials of our architects will ensure that The Star can showcase its home-grown Sydney character in world-leading ways that befit our city’s global status," says Matt Bekier, CEO of The Star Entertainment Group.

“Our development concept will take The Star's room inventory to more than 1,000, bring The Ritz-Carlton brand back to Sydney, and add a further 20 food and beverage venues."


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undertheradar Banned
undertheradar Banned

28 Oct 2011

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call me boring, call me whatever you like!, but the Grimshaw design gets my vote. BVNs is too sharp/intense, and FJMTs is too... much!. Sometimes, understated/elegant, yet still a landmark, is better than loud/harsh, and an eyesore. In my opinion Grimshaw just fits better in its surroundings.

On first impulse I think the FJMT would look great, especially as we see more dramatic new buildings go up around Darling Harbour. I also agree the Grimshaw design is appealing, although to me it looks a little too much like Packer's nearby Barangaroo towers.


04 Jul 2013

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FJMT by far the most dramatic & sleek. It would become a new icon for our city. Looks fantastic!

FJMT's version is the best. Plus, it integrates better with The Star's current architecture. The other two designs are too angular.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

18 May 2011

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I agree, anything is better than what they already have.
FJMT design reminds me of someone standing with one foot hooked behind the other and about to fall over.

Turkish Airlines - Miles & Smiles

08 Jun 2014

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David, any news on the Ritz in Perth... opening before the Sydney one?


Qatar Airways

07 May 2014

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Australia struggles to offer 5 star service. How will they offer 6 star service?

10 Aug 2015

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Ah Sydney quite some distance from Fountain Lake yet we can clearly hear "Look at me, look at me". 


05 Nov 2014

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Have traveled to Australia twice a year for 13+ years. During my time in Australia I had time for significant exposure to the culture of the country, as well as the city of Sydney. These travels also qualifies me as somewhat of a hotel rat so to speak.  

With this said, and after reviewing all three submitted designs: (1) Grimshaw. Fresh out of the mid 50's book of architectural history. Reminds me of the Capital Records Bldg circa 1956 in LA; just taller.  
(2) BVN. Appears to be an attempt to differentiate itself by employing the "gaud design" look, and at the same time was created with total disregard for Australia as a culture, and Sydney as a city. 
(3) FJMT. Great look if the building is being added to the skyline of Dubai.  But for Sydney totally out of place;  unless of course the goal is to get people to gawk at a building for 15 minutes and then go on about their business. 
Bottom line.  I see nothing iconic (think Sydney Opera House) in any of the three designs submitted. I see nothing uniquely Australian in any of the three designs submitted. 
So, with the absence of these two elements for me it is stamp all three design submittals REJECTED and, either tell all of the companies to try again, or, find new companies.  
I close with the following thought.  In Dublin there was erected in 2002-2003 a 120 meter (390 ft) stainless steel spire that appears to be simply a giant pin. The architects who designed the pin did so envisioning, "elegant and dynamic simplicity bridging art and technology". Today, the stainless steel pin is randomly but affectionately referred to as,  "The Stiffy at the Liffy". "The Erection at the Intersection". "The Stiletto in the Ghetto".  
So tell me again. What is the goal to be achieved with the architectural design of the Ritz Carlton, Sydney? Is it to create a structure which will display, "elegant and design simplicity bridging art and technology"?   

18 Dec 2016

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FJMT looks the best out of the three but either keep the spiral going all the way to the top or flip it upside down. Nothing screams Australia though but I guess there's no rules saying it has to

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