Virgin Australia serves up new business class meals

By David Flynn, June 4 2014
Virgin Australia serves up new business class meals

Virgin Australia reveals its new international business class menu today on flights to Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi.

Travellers on Virgin's flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles will see dishes including moroccan spiced braised lamb with couscous, preserved lemon, almond and mint, followed by a toffee, banana and chestnut pudding topped with pecans and maple syrup.

Headed to Abu Dhabi? You can tuck into provencal chicken with lyonnaise potatoes, olives and green beans, or a lighter  horseradish and dill potato salad with smoked trout and salmon caviar.

Virgin Australia consulting chef Luke Mangan says the new menus "showcase all-new ingredients and techniques including fresh herb garnishes and a range of salsas that will be used to enhance the meals."

Other popular items remain on the menu, such as zucchini soup with pesto and the morish lamb rack with dill crushed potato, semi-dried tomato, caper and eschalot salsa.

Mangan says the new additions to the menu have been tested over the past few months and "draw inspiration from travel trends around the world, along with the feedback we receive from our cabin crew and guests.”

Click here to see and download the full menus.

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09 Nov 2011

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Any chance they will focus even just a whisper of attention to their domestic J class menu which is nothing short of boring and unimaginative. Really??? A hot dog, mini sized or a pork and herb sausage roll, or a chicken pie? I felt like I was at the footy not in business class.

And as for the lounge, glad I am platinum or I wouldn't be wasting my money on membership anymore.

I don't blame Luke Mangan, he can cook!!! and many of the crew do their best, but I expect as in most industries now, Virgin are probably asking for it to be done on a shoe string budget.


04 Jun 2014

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Is it just me or have the only uploaded one menu for all four flights? And I see Noble One is gone, thats disappointing.

16 Oct 2012

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I think you are on the right track with that thought. Recently had same meal in domestic J out and inbound (separated by 4 days). If I were Luke Mangan I'd be embarrassed by the domestic J offering.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

28 Jul 2013

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Does any of Luke's menu's cater for a person who is requires a gluten free meal..? It's not a happy place when my partner and I fly business class - and he sits there watching me eat and he eats a raw cashew and a flute of bubbly...

21 Jul 2011

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Nothing new about these menus. The main meals have all appeared on the long haul menu in the last 12 months. Luke must be having a lend.. Virgin paying money for a "new menu" with old meals!


10 Sep 2011

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There is a lengthy thread on issue of parlous state of domestic catering on Australian Frequent Flyer. Lets hope something happens soon on this front.

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