Doing business without borders

By Staff Writers, December 17 2013
Doing business without borders

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Operating a business on an international scale is fast paced, dynamic and highly competitive, writes Alex Blinko, Managing Director of Truphone Australia.

Today, organisation’s are facing many challenges to meet this evolving world where technology enables us to work in ways we never have before.

Businesses with offices, suppliers and customers in multiple markets are embracing communication technologies that let them work seamlessly anywhere.

In my job I speak to many CEOs and IT Managers who tell me that what typically keeps them up at night are two things - people and technology. Finding a cohesive balance between making technology work for your business and budgets, and empowering employees to be connected in order to drive productivity is often seen as an unattainable goal.

At the core of these challenges is connectivity. Employees are looking to connect easily with their local colleagues, but also want the ability to communicate with international customers and suppliers without barriers.

Similarly, being accessible in a global environment is increasingly a critical need. From a management perspective, facilitating connectivity and managing expense can be a hindrance.

Beating the high cost of staying connected

When it comes to business travel, companies are in a state of conflict. There is pressure to maintain productivity levels while travelling, but for many businesses the sheer cost of global roaming is prohibitive.

A recent survey by YouGov revealed 65 per cent of Australian businesses limit calling customers to keep costs low while travelling. How is this conducive to productivity? Put simply, it’s not.

The answer to these challenges is not to get people to modify their behaviour, it’s about finding a solution that allows them to do their job from anywhere in the world. At Truphone, this has become a reality for our customers.

We are seeing Australian businesses rapidly expand into international markets, aided by the simplicity of a global mobile network that makes international communication simple. Businesses are able to increase their productivity through improved collaboration with local and international contacts, supported by better controls and greater transparency on costs.

The 'Truphone zone' concept explained

Truphone’s global communication solution is designed for organisations with an international footprint or staff who travel frequently.

The network offers business-class communication in over 200 countries, in addition to expanding a business’s international footprint with the Truphone Zone.

This Zone – which includes Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US and the Netherlands – and operates like a single territory, where all usage in and between is treated as local.

Truphone also offers multiple international numbers on one SIM, enabling businesses to have a local presence within the Zone, and providing a number local to those international contacts to reach them on, all on a single device.

Supported by a global service experience that offers 24/7 support worldwide, Truphone is enhancing productivity, increasing connectivity and controlling costs for businesses both in Australia and around the world.

If you’re facing any of the challenges above, I urge you to expand your options and explore this new technology that is making seamless international connectivity a reality. Maybe you just might sleep better tonight.

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  This article is paid content sponsored by Truphone Australia