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Has anyone else repeatedly been asked to sit upright instead of the prefixed recline position for takeoff and landing? Happened to me from Hawaii and then today to Vancouver. When I asked why, the CSM said that the recline position was only cleared for domestic not international routes….? I remember when it was first launched on the a330 that it was a ‘feature’ and now despite that we aren’t allowed to utilise it.


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Whatever the rules I believe it is safer to be upright in the event of sudden deceleration.


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I thought it was the other way around - not on domestic but OK for international. I used it both ways on a flight to BKK in November 2022


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On the Qantas website it does state the following when you go to the Travel Classes page, and click International and Business:

Fly in contemporary comfort in our Business Suite on all A330 and B787-9 aircraft. Combining functionality with privacy, space and surrounds you'd expect to find in First. The innovative seats mean you can recline your seat from take-off through to landing maximising the opportunity to rest in your fully-flat bed.

In all seats you'll enjoy a 100% cotton duvet and mattress plus a European style pillow or make use of your table to continue working.

I think its just the FAs not knowing what the correct rules are potentially?

I have been in your position before - flying LAX-SYD i was told it was ok to be in partial recline, and then recently SIN-SYD it wasn't...

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It's very inconsistent- but of course there's nothing stopping you hitting the recline button once the FAs are seated for take off

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Just a thought and I may be wrong because I’ve never been told this before. Could it just be on flights leaving North America that they don’t have permission? Just based on people commenting about Yvr, lax and hnl. Might be Americans and Canadians not letting them.


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I've had the same thing on QF out of Auckland. Seems to be inconsistent as mentioned, some times yes - sometimes no :)


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Talked to crew from AKL to MEL about this. They said they check the LED in the aisle (close to the ground). If it's illuminated the seat is ok. Unfortunately it only turned green once fully upright. The other position with the plane Symbol next to it does not turn on the LED. Not sure if this is specific to the A330 or maybe even this attendant, but I learned about the existence of this LED


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How innovative


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Yup, you can see the LED light yourself.

I think the reason why the FA still asked you to go to the upright position is because, in my experience, the 'recline' pre-set option for departure/landing is a bit tricky - you need to keep on pressing the button for a good few seconds after you stop feeling any movement on the chair, just to make sure that the LED is set properly. So far so good for me, though my travel with Qantas is mostly around Asia/Australia.


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Good to know that you have to press it for longer. I will try that next time.

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