Take your own headphones or use airlines

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Take your own headphones or use airlines


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Depends on the airline and the cabin.  I have noise cancelling ear buds that I take with me on all flights. But they dont fit in the three pin plugs that some airlines have in business class cabins.  I used to have noise cancelling headphones, but the ear buds are easier to pack :-)


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Take your own. Get some decent noise-cancelling ones that come with the airline plug adaptor. 

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Bose QC3 with converter never looked back - so worth the space they take in hand luggage

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It partly depends on the aircraft.  I recently flew with REX on a Saab to Broken Hill, and tried to use my high-quality Sennheiser earbuds connected to my device, but the engine noise was so high that it was impractical to listen to music even at high volume levels.  I should've had my over-ear headphones in my cabin luggage, but the Saab planes that Rex uses have extremely small cabin luggage limits.

So, it partly depends on the plane that you're travelling on.


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Go with the noise-cancelling headphones. I've tried on-ears as well as in-ears - I like the latter because I can sleep on my side with them. Recently bought AudioTechnica ATH-ANC23 and loving them.


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Pack my own Bose QC15's. Best thing I've ever done to make my flights more pleasant. 


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Another vote for BOSE but you have to always always have a spare battery in the carry case. If the battery in your BOSE noise-cancelling headphones dies the headphones simply will not work. Forget about them not cancelling out sound but simply working like normal 'noisy' headphones,  without a battery they don't work at all! I discovered this not long into a flight from Sydney to LAX a few years back!


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You've got to make sure you charge the Bose Quiet Comfort before AND after your flight to sustain the life of the battery. On a trip across the Pacific and Atlantic, my battery died just 2h outside LHR. I believe the Bose headsets come with a spare battery that sits nicely in the headset zipper case. Make sure you charge that battery regularly too, particularly before a long haul flight. Bose also provides different types of pin plug adapters. You can always juice up in the lounge mid way (you're not supposed to use the plane in-seat power for charging batteries!)


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Bose are very good but very expensive. If you must have them buy them duty free at the airport and as Mal says get a spare battery!

Personally I find they take up too much room in my carry-on bag. I had a pair of similar-size Audio Technicas which were much cheaper but seemed about as good as my mate's Bose headphones, but same size too, it just makes my carry-on too bulky.

I ended up finding a pair of Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones which were a lot smaller, still sat over the ear. Not as effective as larger headphones but good enough for me. I have tried the smallest size which fit in your ear but I don;t think they are anywhere near as good and they are not as comfortable.


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Is there a penis envy factor when using personal gadgets on flights?

Thoughts anyone?


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I completely agree with the above posts (as I have a pair of Bose QC15s which I bring on most flights & keep a spare battery zipped in the internal pouch that I put the two-pronged adapter in).

Over recent years there have been several new varieties on-offer: it is probably worth your while to compare what is out there.  As an example, c|net has a review (http://www.cnet.com/topic-reviews/noise-canceling-headphones.html?s=0&l=20)  - although not exhaustive (as it doesn't compare to Sennheiser, an old favourite of mine).

I think they've recently dropped the price of QC15s in Australia, but as noted, Duty Free (or even better sometimes, purchases in countries such as USA) can be a more cost effective option.

My only gripe about using your own noise-cancelling units over say, the ones provided in JC/W-Class on many planes:  the ones used on planes have their anti-nodal wavelengths generated outside of the headphones themselves. 

As such, if you're laying down and the shell or any other part of the headphones touch something (that can conduct vibrations) - these don't seem to have as 'loud' a transmission into your ears on the JC/W-class provided units.  I've found that if I use my Bose units in such situations, the vibrating 'humm' is louder as they seem to pick up on this more perceptibly.



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I bought a pair of audio-technica ANC9's on the basis that they will still work once the battery is flat.

I am very happy with them.


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Far prefer my Ultimate Ears (in-ear passive) with adapter.

I can't sleep or doze with big ear muffs


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I like total silence but can't deal with the inconvenience of large headphones or needing to replace / recharge batteries. I use Etymotic Research mc5 earphones. They sound great and block out sound better than any in-ear earphone.

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