How many of you are alliance friendly.

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How many of you are alliance friendly.As QF plat 1. I use to all ways fly you no what,I am interested by how many travel by alliance airlines/or for points on another carrier for just comfort or service regardless of program..Am i nuts as at the last plat 1 get together others advised me they really go with who ever offers a flight at the time the wish to fly.


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I am QF Plat 1 and when i can, i do choose Oneworld alliance where i can... my travels are usually in Asia/Europe and North America, so Cathay/BA and AA serve me good.  Only where OneWorld does not accomodate like in Canada, where i will choose to fly non-alliance aircraft.


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I prefer to fly at the times that suit me with whom I want  and who gives the best service! As I fly buisiness class only except for flights under 2 hrs I look forward to enjoying the journey as well as the destination .i am prepared to pay more for service.hence I am a gold FF with Emerates ,diamond with Cathy Pacific and a Qantas club life member so my alliances are many,also carry a priority pass so you can use any lounge with any airline.priority pass is probably the best value for international travel as it ties you to know one airline and there a more lounges .


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An interesting question, Robert! I think it might be similar to being 'airline-friendly', ie to a specific airline.

I am happy to fly Qantas for many reasons including lounge access, points & status credits plus quality of service, supporting Australian suppliers etc. But there is a cut-off point at which a lower ticket cost trumps Qantas.

I think that point would vary from one traveller to the next, and also scheduling somes into it. Going to Hong Kong, Cathay has a choice of four flights a day out of Sydney versus one for Qantas. That means CX is far more likely likely to have a flight which fits into my schedule at both ends. And of course I still get lounge access via Oneworld and a serve of QFF points.

But if there was a low-cost option, let's say Jetstar SYD-HKG, or if a HK-based low cost carrier added Sydney to its map, then if they charged Scoot-like rates of say $400 return vs $800 for QF or CX, that could be very appealing. If Virgin Australia began flying SYD-HKG for $600 for instance, they'd likely get my business for being 25% cheaper than QF/CX.


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It really does depend how much travel you do and if you have enough travel to spread it around. In fact it would be illogical to keep flying the one alliance if you've hit the highest treshold possible.

The airlines won't like that but tough!


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As a QF platinum, I will always maximize my points and status opportunities. I will choose in the order:

1/ Qantas

2/ Qantas partner with a QF flight number

3/ Oneworld Airline

4/ Airline I have enjoyed travelling on before eg. SQ, NZ

if it does not meet this criteria, I will not go there!

Under no circumstances do I fly JQ, DJ or Tiger.


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My algorithm is similar. 

I think if I flew as much as Merc25 (and always on J) I would also be more alliance indifferent.

However my loyalty to oneworld is what has earned me my QF platinum (for now at least). This has blessed me with several upgrades to J and much more FF points than I would have gotten otherwise. 

So now even though I fly 50% for work (always J) and 50% for fun (usually purchase PE), I am almost always on a J seat.



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JQ business (no more than premium by "normal" carrier standards) actually is not that bad for day flight. And indeed miles ahead of any "proper" economy and even some PE, as least in seat department. Though food on my way from BKK was disgraceful.


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Why Qantas first, and why no Virgin Australia for you?


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I can't really understand the question. The spelling/grammar is atrocious.

Doubleplatinum Banned

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+1 I certainly hope you dont consult with anything to do with the english language!


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No longer having a higher than basic status, for me its cost vs: time.  eg:  last QF flight from ADL-MEL isnt late enough, so it has to be JQ.

Upcoming trip to SIN (since QF cancelled ADL-SIN direct), it was still cheaper to book with QF via SYD than SQ, likewise for domestic, 9/10 times QF is still cheaper than JQ or VA for domestic MEL-ADL.  I did fly TT ADL-AVV-ADL once, it was ok for an hour and I have to say it was much easier to get my iPad back from them after leaving it on the plane than QF.

So, I'd prefer QF as I still have QF pub access - but I'm not fussed anymore.


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I stick with One World in a effort to get the QF flight number because i am constantly doing RTW trips but its getting tougher to get the QF flight numbers on code shares a) because of the EK association and EK is not part of One World b) unless you are getting a direct connection you cant get a QF flight number on a code share flight on AA or BA (one or two are still there) even if one is available. If you want Plat1 status this sort of nonsense badly penalises you and it should not.


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I had a love interest once with QF GOLD. I was content with the relationship, till eventually the QC carpet looked worn, the friends of QF Club started being welcomed in thongs, chaaldren, yelling, phone calls out loud, observing people devour food at the trough like cattle eating their last meals... I wondered if I should end the relationship after QF started looking tired.. The zimmer frames in polyester shirts conducting safety annoucements, unhappy expressions.. I wondered.. Do I pursue the relationship further or end it and move to a younger, happy airline.

I decided in my heart to end it and haven't looked back. No tired carpets, cattle gate feeding at the servery section, fresh smiles, modern decor and block seats next to me anytime with no fuss. What more could I ask for.

I am happy with VA. due to approach beyond gold shortly. Contect with gold, and cradle the gold card more than my daughter, but whoops, I chose not to have kids so I can fly and continue my affair with air travel.

People at work now ask me to book their travel and seek my advice on how to reach gold and learn my secrets to an affair with princess VA.


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As a Hong Kong based person I'm loyal to CX, but take whatever codeshare they offer as long as I gain Asia Miles (which does not always limit to oneworld). Of course, having one of the world's top ten airlines in my home base, I'm quite lucky, so thanks for asking Robert, and it was interesting to see these opinions.

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