Can Qantas International be outsourced.

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Can Qantas International be outsourced.May be a Jet connect operation as the great AJ says they make money.I know i would like to fly this once great carrier least trans pacific for a few more years.


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Their Australia-USA routes aren't going anywhere, at least not before you get your private jet... Do not worry yourself Robert.


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I know you're not 100% serious Robert but given how Qanats 'out-sourced' its Trans-Tasman flights to JetConnect, which is simply an NZ-based arm of Qantas for the sake of lower wages, I do wonder why they are not doing the same with a 'Qantas Singapore' or 'Qantas Hong Kong' for example for their Asian flights.


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While not wanting to give much credence to the topic or the OP. I have thing following comments.

1. Most overseas countries place substantial restrictions on foreign carriers owning other flagged carriers (eg. see Jetstar Hong Kong issues and the aborted RedQ/QAsia). The exceptions to this are the EU (which operates as a single aviation market and Aus/NZ.

2. The history of JetConnect is important as well. It started as a purely NZ domestic brand in 2002 when the former Qantas NZ which replaced the old Ansett NZ fell over. It only became an international airline when Qantas pulled out of domestic NZ and replaced it with Jetstar.

3. Qantas has previously tried overseas 'fleet bases' for crew and pilots, but think most of these are now closed.

So on the truth-o-meter : Not Credible


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Great info and insight, moa999!


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I really like the Qantas London based crew. They were so much more enthusiastic, sprightly and eager to please. And they were not just pretty airheads either. 

I use the term "pretty" in particular to the male flight attendants, in case anyone thinks I'm being a chauvanist pig...sorry I'm still a bit sensitive from last Monday's Q&A.


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I agree!  I really noticed this flying QF9/10 between Melbourne and London in J a few months back.  The London based A380 crews on the legs between London and Dubai were just absolutely superb - so professional, slick and genuine.  The ANZ crews between Melbourne and Dubai were just amateurish in comparison (lots of silly mistakes - it felt like work experience week).

I also have to say that as a regular traveller across the Tasman I have found the JetConnect crews in Y or J to be excellent.  For all the criticisms of the JC model, from a paying customer perspective I cannot fault them.

The 747 crews on the other hand... I have had so many unpleasant experiences with that lot over the years that I now actively avoid them and can't wait to see the back of them.  I'm not a demanding customer by any means but insincere arrogance really doesn't do it for me.

Rant over... I really hope QF international succeeds as I still mostly enjoy flying with them.



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As for me it would be easier to see that Qantas get completely broke and finish as Ansett


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It wouldn't be without precedent.

Austrian Airlines flights are now all "operated by Tyrolean Airways", and all of their aircraft (with the exception of one 777) was transferred to Tyrolean, a former regional subsidiary of Austrians. I believe this was the result of AUA management not being able to get the concessions they needed from their crew. Maybe Qantas flights could be "operated by eastern/sun state/cobham/national jet" et al.

QANTAS cabin crew at least have been outsourced for years, with all new hires being employed by QCCA and QD on lower payed work contracts.


QANTAS still operate a foreign base in LHR as well as those mentioned in New Zealand.


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We've enhanced this Qantas flight, for your benefit.  We now bring it to you via Jetstar!!! :-(

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