Do you think First Class is worth it?

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Do you think First Class is worth it?

I have never flown first class, and would never turn it down. I hope to get a chance one day, most likely via a rewards scheme. I am sure it is a more refined experience than Business Class, but with the quality of Business Class Seats and Suites, along with the excellent service these days, is it really worth it?

Must confess I love watching youtube clips of Business and First Class reviews. Often I can't see a huge difference other than the food being a little more fancy, with caviar and a few more delicacies. It is often mentioned in reviews that the gap between Business Class and First is so narrow, or even that some Business Products are better than the First Class offerings of many competitors, leading to many Airlines considering ditching First Class.

I am a First Class Virgin. Are you? Is it worth the extra $$$? Discuss....


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Forgot to add:

If the gap is so narrow, and if it really isn't worth the considerable extra expense, what services could be provided to elevate First Class back into the stratosphere?

I am thinking In-Flight Therapists. Such as Masseurs, Aromatherapy, Manicure's, Pedicure's. Has anyone ever offered these services? Strange that no one has.  



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First class lounges often offer spa retreats and some even offer private rooms with spa baths for guests between flights. 

I think it needs to be said that not all First class products are equal. For me, the Middle Eastern carriers offer the epitome of First class experience. 

Compared to the Emirates 777 business product, the First suites are far superior. The on board showers for First passengers on the Emirates A380 certainly makes a big difference on long haul flights. Etihad has wisely adopted the shower spa on its new A380s. 

Travelling First is a more intimate affair. There is never a queue for a bathroom on board, barely a wait for service, and there is - as you pointed out earlier - better meal and alcohol selections. 

You also get more space and greater luggage allowances. I value that when I travel. 


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I've only ever used upgrades to Business using points.  I personally would never pay for Business/First.  I would rather sit in discomfort for 2x10hrs, for example, to save myself $15k!!

As you say, the difference between first and business class is getting very narrow.  However, the new suites, particularly offered by the ME3, are the new first class which obviously trumps Business.


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I should have rephrased the last line in my original post:

Is it worth the extra $$$ or rewards points. Also, some travellers might have the First Class experience payed for by their company/work. So even if those people don't use their own points or funds to fly First Class, I'd still be keen to hear if they think there is much of a difference and whether it is worth it.

Andrew Barkery

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Having travelled both int J and as a member of the QP, I would say, try it out for yourself.

For me, the access to the lounge it self is a plus of either flying J or F or being a member of the lounges of the airlines.

Granted these days kids get access to the lounge via parents, but still, being able to have a place to "disappear" into for those few mins or half an hour or an hour, away from the hurly/burly, is a plus.

OP if you live in SYD, try the short 3 and a bit hours flight by EK SYD to AKL, or MEL to AKL or BNE to AKL.

Aud$14xx per one way in F, if a QF FF, ensure you book the flight in the QF website, and choose to fly on the EK metal.

The EK planes fly out of Australia's east coast about 9 to 10 am, you could stay the night in AKL and then turn around the next day.

80/90 QF SC per one way J, Aust east coast to NZ, 120 in F.  I do have plans to fly that F one day, in a few days, I have a J EK flight coming up, booked in the QF system (of course).  CHC to SYD.


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Hey Andrew,

I was thinking of doing just this. I've got QF points to burn and have always wanted to try First, so was considering SYD to AKL on EK metal. Being Melbourne based makes it a little challenging.

What was the "$14xx per one way in FF if a Q FF". I'm Bronze so I don't think I get any goodies, but am a QC member.



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For money or points asked no - business is damn good already with some carriers, but if you have offer get business and one way first, then yes. If money not an issue than get private jet.


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Depends. Who is paying? If work is paying as an entitlement then by all means. Personally I would pay for Business out-of-pocket only if it was a tax deductible expense. Otherwise I'd fly economy. Most flights are under 15h. That's very doable if you've had access to a decent lounge prior, where you've had a substantial meal. An Economy cabin filled with Elites (without their badly behaved kids) also helps. 

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Of course it is!

Firstly fly business from broome to perth and connect immediately with emirates a380 first suite. Its the only way to travel and you avoid the stench from business and economic.    The showers and cocktails bar are fabulos and the sublime sleep you have while the trolley dollys massaged your bunions is bliss.

Go for it , stop watching dem utube clips and travel like a real queen.


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If you can afford it obviously it's worth it.


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Lol @ therealqueen.


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I've often wondered how many first class seats (and for that matter domestic business class seats) airlines actually sell compared to upgrades, be they via points or cash?

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