Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART).

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Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART). Has anyone used the ART in Anaheim? Is it convenient? How late do the buses run?


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I find it to be very convenient and stress free. The buses run through midnight so you are able to enjoy the parks until close. It makes it so easy to go from hotel to park and not worry about parking etc. I highly recommend it.


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It runs as late as the parks are open and has good interconnectivity between all the different resorts. Can be slightly infrequent to the outskirts -- if youre looking at staying at a Disney resort I would reccomend staying at one on the monorail route. Either way, ART appears more convenient than driving -- with magic kingdom I think you have to catch a bus or monorail to/from the car park anyway. Excellent for getting to/from Downtown disney, epcot etc. 


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Thank you Sean and Hugh1!

We were going to rely on uber but unsure what the conditions might be on NYE!

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