I am a Qantas Gold FF.

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I am a Qantas Gold FF. I am looking to take my parents on a trip to Germany however if we are to fly economy i would only be allowed to take one of them in to the airport lounges (SYD, DXB, FRA). What is the most economical way of getting an additional person access to the lounges?


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Unfortunately I don't think there is a way for Qantas lounges unless you can manage to get some Qantas lounge inivitations (e.g. QF silver members get a couple year and some credit card priovders give you some). You can look at lounges that accepts pay-visitors (e.g. Plaza Premium lounges) but it would cost a bit for 3 people.


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Join one of your parents up to QC.


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Providing the lounge passes can be used at international lounges, signing up to a credit card that offers them is the best way.


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My experience is that being nice at the lounge entrance explaining that it would be privilege for your extra parent to be allowed into the lounge together with you and the other half of your parents (in other words: 'begging') has led to success in most instances (for me it worked 6 out of 8 times, including SYD, MEL, DXB, NBO), especially if the lounge is not too busy. The only exception has been Terminal 2 at DXB where I have never succeeded getting a third person into the lounge.


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I am also a QF gold but sometimes use the lounges that Diners Club allow access to, if you  get a Diners Card with two Supplementary cards for your parents that will do the trick with their network of lounges

Ive had a free Diners Club card for years.

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