QF9 cancelled for 22/11/2016

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OK, I missed EK407+EK133 MEL-DME and it is good option, though SQ offer IMHO is by far better.

MEL-WAW is OK, WAW-MEL is problem. Also according to Emirates website you cannot buy DXB-LED any day – may be, just may be it flying daily, but there are no tickets 3 month ahead on certain days, only on some days of the week.

Point is very simple – it is not ALWAYS the case for ANY city in Europe that Emirates provides the best connection and best value overall.


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EK180 WAW-DXB 1500-2245 connects pretty well with QF10 which departs DXB for MEL at 0135.


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We do a number of A380 charters for large groups each year. As there is no spare capacity in the fleet to enable a charter of an entire aircraft a scheduled service must be cancelled or converted to a charter.


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That does not quite make sense to me. Why would a company deliberately inconvenience loyal (frequent) customers for a charter (in-frequent) customer.  If you dont have spare available aircraft dont provide charters or hire/lease an aircraft from another airline for the charter. As Qanats are in a partnership with Emirates wouldn't it be easier to lease an aircraft from them


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At a guess I would say because it's more profitable for QF to operate the charter.

It's pretty simple really, if the charter opportunity is commercially more attractive that running a regular revenue service at that time of year and the reacommodation of existing passengers is straight forward (it would be, either on EK metal or via SYD), then why wouldnt you operate the charter?


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Guess they can make more money that way!

QF has also reduced MEL-LHR services during quiet periods... November may be one of those.


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Nothing wrong with 5 months notice....that is one big charter group! Office raffle for F seats?


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More likely a religious cult! 


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If you take a look at November just about every QF9 is cancelled on a Tuesday. It looks more like a lack of demand or engeneering work, rather than charter work. QF are always cancelling flights ex MEL happenned to me, I was booked MEL/SIN and they tried to put me on EK eventually went via Syd.

Presume with the QF009 they will just offer the day before or after, very strange when EK have 3 Daily, EK 2 daily and QR daily ex MEL, all with conx to Euro and UK.



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I reckon the QF/EK hook up has worked well. I've used it several times to fly in or out of destinations which would otherwise have required backtracking or the use of carriers with whom I have little affinity. It's been particularly useful for open jaw itineraries, ie flying into one European destination and out of another. I've appreciated lounge access, the use and accumulation of FF points and flight flexibility offered by the arrangement. This has included booking flights back to Australia through Singapore, and enjoying a stopover in that port. This required minimal transit time in Dubai. For me it's been a great partnership. 


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how much is an a380 to charter syd lhr? thinking of heading over with some scientology buddies next year


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That depends.

Qantas has separate charges for the distance as well as for each thetan or passenger.

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