• Shame scheduling wasn't also taken into consideration as VA score last with 5 services and very odd timings ex MEL. Not good for me. Also ahdn s down QF have the best food and wine. VA serving underwheleming NZ Chard in J clas!

  • I think that there is a problem with timings for a Mel/Per/Lhr/Per/Mel rotation, I believe that the 787 will originate and terminate in Perth and QF will offer domestic connections. Interestingly with these muted changes QF would have an a380 on the ground in LHR all day, they changed t...

  • Looks great, but who wants to go via SYD or BNE if you are travelling to LAX or JFK, when you can fly direct from Melbourne     9 times a week on QF.  

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  • No it will not they will even open for the late evening QF095 departure. It is to big a drawcard.

  • Qantas Media Release and 747s

    Feb 27, 2017, 01:41 PM

    HKG will go to a daily a380, QF011 on Tue will go back to an a380, these changes will be made possible by the a380 being removed from the MEL/DXB/LHR route, with these changes this could free up 2 older 747 for retirement. I also think eventually, the 787 will go on to SY...

  • QF9 cancelled for 22/11/2016

    Jul 14, 2016, 04:37 PM

    If you take a look at November just about every QF9 is cancelled on a Tuesday. It looks more like a lack of demand or engeneering work, rather than charter work. QF are always cancelling flights ex MEL happenned to me, I was booked MEL/SIN and they tried to put me on EK eventually went via S...

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