Why Qantas 'priority boarding' is a joke

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David Robertson

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Is it just me, or does anybody else here think that Qantas domestic priority boarding is a bit of a joke? Most of the time it doesn't seem to be properly policed at the departure gate. And on peak hour flights on the popular 'triangle' routes not I find the 'priority' line, which is open to business class as well as QF Platinums and Golds, can be longer and slower than the 'normal' line. FWIW Virgin seems to do a much better job of policing their priority queues.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

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No, it is not just you: pretty well everyone thinks QF domestic priority boarding is a joke! Your comments reflect the usual situation.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

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I find hit an miss, nobody uses it in some places but I always find the majors BNE SYD MEL its full. 


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It is definitely is a zoo within the "triangle", but otherwise it is usually good.


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They don't care manifest by numerous episodes where someone without priority boarding privileges is in front of you and cabin crew say nothing as they scan their BP's. Pathetic and all fluff on QF's part.

John Phelan

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I find it works more often that not, but it is almost always 'self-policed' - that is, it's left to the pax to choose the correct line. I've just done flights BNE-CNS and return - on the first sector, priority boarding worked fine; on the return, most pax were using the priority line, and I just don't believe there were that many Plats or Golds on the flight.


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Domestic I find, for the most part, that both lines are of equal length. I have no idea if this is because I fly at the same time as other gold and platinum or because people are just choosing the shortest line. This has been the case when leaving from all capital city airports, On international flights however I regularly see the differences in line lengths.


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They don't police carry-on limits, why should we expect them to police anything else very well?


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If I am traveling up the front , I always wait until everyone has boarded and get on last.


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I have complained numerous times to Qantas about this, both at the gate and on board but they just push the blame onto others. If it is offered, it should be policed!


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Yes true!! Both Qantas & Virgin are a hit & miss affair, although don't complain cos US airlines when booked through Qantas & Virgin are the 'pits'. No priority boarding & in some cases won't honour membership level either.    


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I think you will find people always try and scam things when they arent eligible: its in their dna...last week I flew domestically on a peak hour flight and some people are carrying 2-3 bags...  a large wheel-on; plus a laptop bag and a general carry bag...  its selfish and arrogant behaviour...  it took over 30 mins to get everyone on the plane before they could depart and we missed the take-off slot... people who are on last (usually from the lounge are trying to fit in their allowable luggage and cant)...  hence I always leave the lounge early ...  the people on the gate should police these things...  and make it clear its not fair... put it in the hold...   


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Problem's not the idea, but the execution. Rather than boarding Priority only, they tend to board both at the same time which nullifies the benefit. They should let the priority queue dwindle to the last few before starting to board both lines.


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In recent times I have found VA to be less on the ball with priority boarding. I have found that some infrequent flyers don't really understand the concept of boarding the front half of the aircraft first. The recent addition of EconomyX has also complicated the priorty boarding process as well. 

I've had opposite experience. The other week VA Hostie was turning people around if they shouldnt be in the priorty lane and they had to line up again. as Plat QF and Gold VA it was the first time I've seen this


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This problem also extends to priority security screening lines. It's just not policed. 

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