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Hi all,

Airlineroutes has reported that QF will be doing codeshares on select routes with El Al. There are subject to government approval I believe, but here we go:

"Qantas and El Al Israel Airlines earlier this week opened reservation for its planned codeshare partnership, set to commence on 12SEP17. Planned codeshare routes, available for bookings since 04SEP17, as follow.

El Al operated by QANTAS
Brisbane – Hong Kong
Melbourne – Hong Kong
Sydney – Bangkok
Sydney – Hong Kong
Sydney – Johannesburg

QANTAS operated by El Al
Tel Aviv – Bangkok
Tel Aviv – Hong Kong
Tel Aviv – Johannesburg"


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On the whole, the QF/ ElAl codeshare is very good. 

The main benefits over current arrangements that I can see are:

* Increased QF mileage accrual on ElAl flights and vice versa

* The QF website now allows you to book Multi City itineraries that include TLV, when it didn't before (you could only book SYD-TLV straight thru) and now you could have a a stopover in HKG, BKK, JNB

* QF are also now selling classic rewards SYD-TLV via JFK.

However the downsides are that:

* The HKG transit would put you in TLV at 0405 (terrible timing); 

The BKK transit is 7.5 hours long (not great);

* The JNB transit would probably be the best of the three; although you would then end up on the 767 and there would be some uncertainty about how competent JNB would be at transferring bags;

* El Al also do a 10-15 minute interview at check-in for foreigners and then a separate bag screening at the gate. How that would work with connecting QF pax remains to be seen (? perhaps they may waive the interview);  When I transited thru BKK onto El Al last month, they used a basement room under one specific gate where foreign pax and their luggage were pulled aside, screened, turned upside down etc and it was very slow; 

* Buying a QF ticketed ElAl flight also means you are locked out of the ElAl "bid now" upgrade which is automatically offered to Y pax on ElAl tickets; Ditto special meal choices;

* Previously when I bought an ElAl flight on the QF website you also had no choice on the seat map for the ElAl sector just window or aisle. Uncertain if this is still the case on the codeshare.

* All of the return flights departing TLV are late night, again not ideal, but not QF's fault. 

* PEK could of also had potential as a viable transit stop, but overlooked or probably all too hard

Overall again, it is good to have the options and I am glad QF and LY have done it, but it is not seamless or perfect by any means.

In light of the above issues, probably only the most hardcore travellers would take up the option of this codeshare. 

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Will the HKG-TLV leg give us SC on QFF?


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Will the HKG-TLV leg give us SC on QFF?

Yes, but only if you book with QF code

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