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Rod H

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I booked a J class flight to Perth for March and return April paying full J fare. Had a possible need to change the date of the return flight but found out that I can't change just the one leg online , have to go through the Guest Contact Ctr. but can do it online if I change the entire booking.

Find that a bit strange but my big gripe is that just to change the date of the return flight means I must do it via the Contact Ctr. and for the privilege of doing that simple task I get slugged $40.

How on earth can VA justify that. Sounds like fee gouging to me.

In this day and age of computers it should be so easy and free to change if seats are available still I guess VA have to make an extra few dollars to pay their executives.

Doesn't seem at all justifiable to me!


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If you can't change it online, you can try and get them to waive the fee. Just explain the situation.

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I have had your issue on the Qantas website. So I phoned Qantas and, as djtech intimates, I explained to them the issue and the change fee was waived. As a side note, years ago, I had a run of problems dealing with Virgin, so I took my money elsewhere and have not been back.


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My understanding is that if something cannot be done online there is no fee for ringing the contact centre. If the agent says otherwise, ask to speak to a supervisor.


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Virgin will always waive the fee if it's not possible to do online.


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Qantas have always waved the fee if its not possible online. Just need to tell them it wont work.


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I have always paid the fee , And the fee is $80 return trip. Not much considering flexibility. Other airlines just say tough luck. Also I fly SYD-PER once a week . Double platinum Class after six months too.

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