QF flight cancellation resulting in earning less Status Credits.

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Hi all,

I am was due to fly out this morning on QF(I can't remember what)1130AM MEL-SYD (DE) 10 Status Credits and SYD-CNS (DE) 15 Status Credits
I was informed literally an hour ago that MEL-SYD flight was cancelled and now as a result I have to catch QF614 at 11:10AM MEL-BNE and QF1754 BNE-CNS (Qantaslink 717) seeing as the person picking me up from work is asleep and now have to fork out more money to catch a ride to the airport, AND considering that there is now 2X 2Hr 10 minute flights as opposed to 1X1hr (+-5 mins) and 1X3 3Hr (+- 10 mins) including the fact that i have less time on the ground in the lounge, Is it reasonable that I ask QF for the extra 5 Status Credits? As Mel-BNE (DE) is 15 and BNE-CNS (DE) is also 15, hence 5 less SC's? I know its only 5, but they all add up. As it stands with my bookings I am going to be 25 SC's short of gold, when in actual fact I could be 20 SC's short.... IE a (DE) status run to SYD and back or ADL Hobart etc would be a cheaper option. Should I be bringing this up wih QF, especially since my overall trip is going to cost approx $70 more due to Uber?



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Getting to the airport is not really an airlines responsibility, they have only moved your flight forward by 20 mins, and if you want to haggle with QF about the 5 status credits then see how you go.

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You should be eligible for something called 'original routing credit' where you'll get the status credits based on what you booked, rather than what you flew on the day if there are unexpected changes.

You'll need to contact Qantas after the flight to organise that.

See this point #6 in this article here.

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It seems to me that you booked MEL-SYD-CNS which earns less than what you've been rebooked onto MEL-BNE-CNS so I don't think that 'original routing credit' would help.

Wait and see what credits to your QFF activity statement.


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Re what Brandon Loo mentioned - it happened to me once, my MEL-SYD on (DE/Y) was cancelled and I was routed through Hobart (MEL-HBA-SYD). I got an upgrade to J (for both legs) and also got additional 10 SC as part of the route change. This happened after I went to the airport and tried to do a kiosk check-in to MEL-SYD flight. I was asked to see the Sales/Customer service desk and they gave me options and also, importantly, gave the additional SC's.

I remember asking them if I'd earn more SC's as part of the new route and the agent mentioned that "I can see the additional SC's in the system and I'll leave it as it is"

Wait until the SC have landed in your QFF account and if required call QFF CC. Do let us know how you go. G'day!



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You've posted this on Australian Frequent Flyer, with members there suggesting that you are due to earn 5 more status credits on your new routing.

As for your transport costs, I don't believe you'd be eligible for any re-imbursement considering it is only a 20 minute change.


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Your new booking earns you MORE status credits and you want compensation because your flight departs 20 minutes earlier (yet still solidly late-morning at 11.10am) ?? Let us know how you go with that!


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Good luck with that. I’m not sure your request is even half reasonable. I know if I was taking someone to the airport that for 20 mins earlier I could probably just shift my alarm clock.


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Do you really have a friend who won’t wake up 20 minutes earlier to drive you to the airport?


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I was on QF 11 yesterday cancelled out of LAX to JFK. I was reloaded onto AA but my issue is status and even more importantly “eligible number of flights” to maintain Silver status. Already got pts/status from AA flight which is reduced as was a PE on Qantas . It is the eligible flight that is real issue as i need 4 for the year . Will contact Qantas


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I don’t think your entitled to anything for that minor a change

On another note I had a BA flight paid J class London to Munich as part of a QF itinerary cancelled last April due to the strike action and was put onto Lufthansa rather then delayed further which was good, rang up Qantas when I returned and was awarded the original status credits I would have got from th BA flight from memory was 40SC

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