First time in Dubai, which Business Lounge is best in Terminal 3?

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We’ll be stopping for 2.5 hours in DXB (from ADL to LHR) - first time on EK and first time in DXB. Couple of questions: how can we find out which concourse we’ll be arriving/departing from? (Or is that up to Ground Control on the day?) and which Lounge would be recommended - the one in A, B or C? (We’re arriving at 5:15am and departing at 7:45am. Thanks in advance...


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It's a bit random. A is the dedicated A380 terminal, B is mostly 777s, C is 777s and smaller. C lounge is smaller but a combined business/first lounge. A and B are much larger and fairly similar.

I'd tend to go to the lounge where your next flight will depart from (think most of the DXB-LHR flights are A380s) - boarding direct from the lounge is a big advantage on Emirates.



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If you are on a 777 es Adelaide it will be likely B or a remote stand. The London flight wil be an A380 and so from A so head there from B (the train is easy to manage) and go to the lounge there.


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as per patrickk above - you need to wait until you land to work out which lounge to use (although sometimes you can see the future departures screens on ICE) - ADL uses 777 which would dock either at B gates or remotely (most common remote) so bus into the terminal and clear security - then check departure board for onward flight (likely to be A gates) and head to the A gate lounge (its nicer than the B or C IMHO) so you cant really plan where to go until you know where departing from but most likely A gates


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Honestly, with only two and a half hours, Just head to the nearest one to your departure gate, which will probably end up being A.

If you get the time, this lounge is always the best, but 2 and a half hours can disappear very quickly

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Airbus A380s depart from all concourses, not only A and B, although the A and B lounges are generally considered a touch above the C lounges.


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B lounge for me,it’s got the Champagne bar.


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As mentioned previously, you'll be struggling for time.
Head to the lounge where your flight is boarding from and enjoy it.


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MY experience of the A lounge was not good. Crowded, smelly, ordinary food and a queue for the toilets.



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I would support the view to use the nearest lounge for your depature, That is important if you have to change terminals. I arrived in Dubai on EK and tried to enter the nearest lounge. It was strongly suggested I make my way to another terminal and lounge as I was leaving on QF. That was a bit of a treck with no time to enjoy facilities. The detour to the wrong lounge wasted a bit of time.


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Would recommend the lounge nearest to the departure gate as you then will have time for a shower and a refresh, but you will have to book it as there might be a queue. We have adopted a standard practice of packing a change of u/w and socks to feel as refreshed as possible on the next leg to LHR

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